Website Chat for Local Business: Do You Need It?

Website Chat for Local Business: Do You Need It?


When you land on a big brand's site, you probably expect to be greeted by a webchat window. This wasn't the case just a few years ago. But in 2017, webchat really took off and quickly become the preferred customer service medium.

Webchat is a versatile tool that offers so much more than customer support. Webchat can promote your blog, capture leads, promote sales, and boost SEO.

But there are still a few misconceptions regarding website chat for local business:

  • It's expensive.
  • It's hard to use and manage.
  • Small businesses don't really need it.

Because it's a sophisticated and relatively new platform, many believe webchat is synonymous with big business.

But what about local institutions who have spent years earning their reputation? The small business owners who know their customers on a first-name basis? Shouldn't they have access to the same tools as big business, for a fair price?

We think so.

That's one reason why we built ZyraTalk, a hybrid webchat solution that combines all your sales channels in one place.

Why small business need webchat

website chat for small business

Installing a webchat widget for your small business will be a welcome surprise for many of your customers. It shows them that you're in tune with their communication preferences. And that you're willing to invest in top-notch customer service.

It also proves that you value their time. As a result of webchats rise to fame, over 80% of customers expect instant responses. Live chat satisfies that need.

Plus, when you choose an omnichannel solution like ZyraTalk, you can also offer automated SMS and text-enable your landline to connect with customers on every possible platform.

Automated, live, or hybrid website chat for local business: what's the difference?

You might think all these terms are interchangeable. But actually, there are key differences between each type of webchat.

As its name suggests, automated chat is powered by artificial intelligence. It runs on scripts and natural language processing to understand and respond to customer queries.

Live chat is powered by humans, typically customer service agents standing by to respond to messages.

Of course, each type has its pros and cons. Automated chat might not understand every single message that comes through. And live chat demands someone to be plugged in constantly.

But wait. You're a local business owner. You don't have (or need) a full team of customer service agents. And you might think using artificial intelligence sounds too complex for your skills.

Enter the hybrid solution. This combines automated and live chat to provide your customers with the instant gratification they've come to expect. Chatbots reply instantly to every message to ensure no one is left on read. Even when your office or shop is closed.

website chat for local business

Zyratalk's hybrid solution is intelligent in every sense of the word. Your customer probably won't even know if they're talking to a bot unless they ask.

But if they do ask, the bot will confirm that it's an automated chat. All they need to do is ask to speak to a human, and you can jump in instantly to break the automation.

The good news is, automated chat can handle the majority of messages. It can also answer questions you probably receive on a daily basis:

  • What are your opening hours?
  • What are your prices?
  • How do I schedule an appointment or consultation?

Handling frequently asked questions will give you more time to spend doing what you do best: serving your customers.

A few extra bells and whistles

ZyraTalk is so much more than webchat for business. Our platform integrates with your CRM, Google Analytics, and even Facebook Messenger. (And with Zapier compatibility and built-in webhooks, you can plug into any service you need.)

ZyraTalk's easy-to-use backend portal is easy to use and navigate. Most of our clients use it completely unassisted. But if you ever have questions or need help, our support team is standing by.

And with desktop, text, and email notifications, you'll know the second a user starts a chat on your site. You can monitor all chats in real-time if needed.

Our platform gives you the power to automate your SMS campaigns, and send and receive SMS and Facebook messages all in one place. Our intuitive reports and analytics make it easy to see important stats at a glance.

Want to see what else we can do? Start a chat to book your free, 15-minute demo today and take us for a test drive. Our team will be delighted to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the backend and answer whatever questions you may have about website live chat for local business.

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