5 Ways to Use Web Chat That Aren't Customer Service

5 Ways to Use Web Chat That Aren't Customer Service


Live chat is the preferred mode of customer service in 2020 and beyond. But that little chat window is capable of so much more.

Read on to discover some inventive ways to use your chatbot to capture leads, skyrocket your blog traffic, promote your sale or giveaway, and more.

Capture leads

A greeter, a billboard, a personal assistant — live chat wears many hats. That diverse set of roles adds up to more leads, more conversions, and more sales.

That is what you want, right?

ZyraTalk can help you get there. 95% of our clients use ZyraTalk to capture leads. And with an average 85% chat completion rate, you’ll never miss a lead again.

We’ve done a whole blog series on how to capture leads through web chat, which leads us (see what we did there?) to our next tip.

Generate blog traffic

ways to use web chat that's not customer service

Your site visitors expect instant answers to their questions. But they also don’t have time to read a big wall of text if their question is more complex than most.

This is where automation comes in handy. Set up succinct answers to frequently asked questions. Include a link to the relevant blog post in the response in case they want more info.

You can also add buttons that link to your most popular posts so your site visitors don’t have to waste time hunting for them.

Promote a giveaway or sale

ways to use web chat that's not customer service

Everyone loves discounts or the chance to win something. A chatbot is a much better way to entice your site visitors to buy than a pop-up ad.

A whopping 82% of people don’t like pop-up ads. For starters, they’re super interruptive. 

When a visitor lands on your site, they already have to accept your privacy and cookie policies. Then they have to choose whether to allow notifications.

That’s more clicking than they want to do just to access your content. So when a huge ad pops up that takes up most of the page, your visitors might get a little annoyed.

(Even worse, they might exit the site and go elsewhere.)

Promoting sales, new products/services, and giveaways doesn’t have to be intrusive. A chatbot engages your customer by speaking their language.

Plus, your chat window is in the white space of your page, off to the side, allowing them to keep browsing.

Schedule appointments and consultations

No one likes calling the doctor’s office to make an appointment. Long hold times and plain ol’ phone anxiety are just a couple of reasons why people put off making appointments.

Allow your customers to schedule appointments and consultations using their preferred medium: live chat. In just a few clicks, the appointment will be all set up. (And you don’t even have to lift a finger.)

Boom. Done. Your customers will sigh with relief at how easy it is.

Catch site visitors on their way out

A prospective customer is browsing your product pages. They’ve added something to their cart. But then, something turns them off. They move to click “close window.”

A chatbot can catch them on their way out and offer them a discount or another incentive to complete their purchase.

It’s also a clever way to source customer feedback. Adding buttons to the chat window allows the customer to explain why they’re no longer interested.

And then you can collect and use that data to your advantage to capture more leads and secure more sales.

Going beyond customer service with web chat: wrapping up

Should you use web chat for customer service? Yes, absolutely. It’s 2020. That’s non-negotiable.

But live chat is capable of doing so much more than just resolving issues. For the best possible ROI, you have to utilize chat to its full potential.

ZyraTalk gives you the power to do that. Mention that you read this blog and you want to try out our platform for free. We’ll let you!

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s chat about what ZyraTalk can do for your business. Or, check out our full blog series on using web chat to capture leads for more detailed info.

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