Capture Every Lead with Automated Chat

Capture Every Lead with Automated Chat


SMB sales and marketing is more competitive now than it ever was before. Every consumer in the world has the ability to compare products, read reviews, and decide whether or not they will do business with you 一 right from their fingertips. Businesses that aren’t keeping up will be left behind. We’re already seeing this as bigger brands invest in technology to stay ahead of the game. Automated chat powered by artificial intelligence from ZyraTalk can help you turn every website visitor into a lead, every lead into a sale, and every sale into a customer for life.

Leads are the fuel for driving your business forward. If you aren’t getting leads today, you won’t be getting paid tomorrow.

You’re wasting your ad spend

In the past decade, targeted ad networks from Google and Facebook have become accessible to small businesses. This has helped drive tons of traffic to SMB websites. What businesses often forget, though, is that clicking on an ad is just step 1 of the actual sales process. Imagine a football team getting the ball to the one yard line, but they can’t get into the endzone for a touchdown. Well, you have gotten a visitor to your website, why aren’t they turning into a booked job? 

Is your website the lead generating, sales driving, closer that you want it to be? Countless businesses are wasting their precious ad budget on traffic that bounces. Small businesses that use ZyraTalk see significantly higher conversions on their website. That means more real-life customers and KPIs that your competition only dreams about.

You’re losing valuable leads

If you’re advertising online, people are probably visiting your website every day, right? But how many people that visit your website actually become customers? Some businesses spend hours and hours hand crafting and meticulously perfecting every word on their landing page to drive leads, but that doesn’t mean that visitors are actually reading it. With a conversational experience, you can engage every lead that you‘re missing, find out how to contact them for a follow up, and get more value out of your website 一 all without having to lift a finger. ZyraTalk’s AI can turn thousands of conversations into leads simultaneously. As you scale, can your sales team handle that?

Think of it like this… When you walk into a store, you’re always greeted by someone asking how you are doing. When you go onto a website, shouldn’t someone be greeting you? It’s essentially your online store.

You’re not starting the conversation

One of the most important KPIs to know if your landing page is working or not is bounce rate. When someone visits your website, you want them to perform some action, whether it’s to book an appointment, request a quote, or contact you for more information. Your bounce rate is analogous to the percentage of people who are leaving your website without ever doing what you want them to do 一 convert. The best way to lower your bounce rate and get more leads on your website is to engage your visitors. Nothing engages visitors like a conversation. ZyraTalk starts a conversation with every visitor on your website to find out what they’re looking for and move them further along your conversion funnel. 

Most conversions start with a conversation. ZyraTalk starts the conversation for you so that you can capture every lead.

Your customers can decide if they’re going to do business with you or not without ever speaking to you. That’s not fair to your business. Create a ZyraTalk account to capture every lead and turn more visitors into customers. Businesses just like yours that are using ZyraTalk are seeing hundreds of more quote requests, phone calls, and appointment bookings every month. Your business deserves better. Start capturing every lead with automated chat from ZyraTalk

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