3 Reasons Why Conversational Marketing Converts

3 Reasons Why Conversational Marketing Converts


Yes, conversational marketing converts. But it does so much more than that.

It helps your prospects feel heard and valued. It provides your customers with a way to reach your business that they’re already comfortable using.

Do retarget ads do that? No.

Do pop-ups do that? No.

Do email newsletters do that? No.

3 reasons why conversational marketing converts

Let’s take a look at what conversational marketing does differently to drive conversions.

why conversational marketing converts

Your prospects get the information they want, when they want it

Did you know it takes sales reps over 4 days on average to land a client meeting after receiving a form fill?

That’s way too long. Especially in a time when they can get answers in 15 seconds or less.

(No wonder why nearly 40% of prospects bail in the meantime.)

Pop-up ads intrude on the user experience. And most email newsletters don’t contain enough value for customers to justify subscribing. 

Sure, they might open the odd email here and there. But chances are 80% of your emails will go unopened, or worse, straight into the Trash folder.

That’s because your customers’ inboxes are already overflowing. Just like yours.

Conversational marketing ensures your message doesn’t get lost in the noise. It’s personalized and unintrusive, unlike a lot of ads floating around on the internet. 

Not to mention it allows you to reach your customers through their favorite communication platform: direct messaging.

Conversational marketing speaks your customers’ language

B2C direct messaging is a booming business. Through Facebook Messenger alone, companies and customers exchange 20 billion messages.

Over 2.5 billion people use messaging apps regularly. That’s about 25% of the world’s population.

Half of American customers prefer messaging apps over all other forms of communication.

The math speaks for itself.

Conversational marketing reduces ad fatigue — for you and your customers

Credit to i New Media for the above image.

People hate conventional ads. That’s just the bottom line.

And who can blame them? They’re everywhere. They’re in the videos we watch, the social media channels we scroll. They’re even on shopping carts, of all things.

Your prospects are bombarded by anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. So it’s not your business experiencing ad fatigue. Your customers are, too, in a slightly different way.

So no matter how big your ad budget, you can’t expect every ad to hit the mark every time. And throwing more money at it won’t solve the problem.

That’s where conversational marketing comes in. Chatbots act as a greeter, a lead qualifier, and a customer service agent all in one. Once the lead is qualified, the chat platform will notify team members to connect with the customer.

This hybrid solution provides customers and businesses the best of both worlds. Customers get to speak to a human, and team members don’t have to spend time or effort qualifying every lead manually. (Unless that’s part of your strategy, of course.)

Speaking of strategy, the beauty of conversational marketing lies in its flexibility. Every element of automated chat is customizable, from the colors of the chat window to the chatbot responses. 

That means you can customize every conversation according to the customer’s preferences. That means your customer feels valued, which boosts customer loyalty...you get the idea.

Conversational marketing and conversions: wrapping up

Just a few years ago, marketers struggled to reach customers on their own terms. But then conversational marketing through live chat came along and changed the game permanently.

The stats don’t lie. Nearly two-thirds of businesses using AI-powered chat have more time to spend solving complex problems.

Automated chat for business is also projected to grow by a whopping 136% by the end of 2020 alone. And that statistic was pre-COVID. There’s no telling (yet) how that has changed since the world went into lockdown.

Conversational marketing works for everyone: for your prospects, your customers, your marketing team, and your financial department.

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