How to Send a Text with ZyraTalk

How to Send a Text with ZyraTalk


When most people hear the term conversational marketing, text messaging might not even cross their minds. Most discussions about conversational marketing focus on live chat for business. But if you're not using a business texting service to communicate with your customers, you're missing out.

Check out these SMS for business stats from SlickText:

  • SMS open rates are as high as 98%
  • 45% of customers respond to text messages from their favorite brands
  • Over 60% of marketers aren't using text messaging to connect with their customers

If you're not already using SMS to reach your customers, now's a good time to start. Not only will you gain a major advantage over your competitors, but you'll also give your customers another avenue to connect with your business.

ZyraTalk isn't just a business SMS platform — it's so much more. We combine live chat, automated chat, text messaging, and phone calls to keep all your sales channels in perfect harmony. Keep reading to find out how to send text messages to your customers with ZyraTalk.

Frequently asked questions about text messaging for business

Do I have to set up a new phone number for texting?

Not unless you want to. With ZyraTalk, you can text-enable your landline or VOIP number. There's a good chance your main business phone line is receiving text messages from customers. With ZyraTalk, you'll never miss another text message.

How do I find time to respond to every single text message?

Adding yet another avenue of communication can seem daunting. Your team probably already has a never-ending task list. So you need a solid plan for answering text messages as they come in. Even if you're busy doing something else.

That's where automation comes in. Automated SMS can respond to text messages instantly to ensure your customers aren't kept waiting. With ZyraTalk, you can set up desktop, email, and text notifications so you're always in the loop.

How to send a text from your ZyraTalk dashboard

Who says you even need a phone to text? You can send and receive text messages right from your ZyraTalk dashboard. Here's how.

Step 1: Navigate to the Messaging tab.

Step 2: Click "Send a text".

Step 3: Choose a phone number under the "From" dropdown.

Step 4: Select your recipients. You can select an existing list, upload a CSV, or add custom recipients.

Step 5: Write your message.

Step 6: Agree to the Disclaimer of Liability.

Step 7: Send your message!

Sending a text through ZyraTalk: additional tips

  • AI-powered SMS for business allows you to automate the texting process. Just select the Live Chat + AI Chat option if you'd like to use the hybrid option.
  • Don't use a third-party link shortener like Bitly to condense any links in your text messages. ZyraTalk has its own link shortener.
  • Be sure to read the Disclaimer of Liability before sending your text message. This protects both your business as well as ZyraTalk.

And that just about covers everything you need to know about sending messages with ZyraTalk. You can send and receive unlimited texts, all from your ZyraTalk hub where you also manage webchat and Facebook messages.

Want to try out text messaging for business? When you book your ZyraTalk demo, mention this post and we'll give you a free 30-day trial run. Feel free to experiment with texting. You might be surprised to discover it's a gamechanging marketing tool!

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