How to Access Reports and Stats in Your ZyraTalk Dashboard

How to Access Reports and Stats in Your ZyraTalk Dashboard


We know you have a million and one items to track in terms of analytics. That’s why we made it super easy to review your chat reports and stats in the ZyraTalk dashboard.

The beauty of the Reports and Stats tab lies in its simplicity. It’s just one page with four sections and two graphs. That’s it.

No learning curve. No tabs nested within tabs nested within tabs. Just the most important data available at a glance in one place.

Needless to say, this guide on how to use the Reports and Stats tab in your ZyraTalk dashboard is short and sweet.

What does the Reports and Stats tab show?

Reports and Stats covers four main components: total chats, reviews, clicks-to-call, and button clicks.

The Chats section shows you at a glance how many chats were started and completed. Click “View Graph” to see a day-by-day breakdown of your chat statistics.

The Reviews section is a simple summary of the total number of good and bad reviews you received through ZyraTalk.

The Phone Clicks section shows you how many times the “Call us” button was clicked. It also shows an estimated number of phone calls. Click “View Graph” to see a full breakdown of your clicks-to-call.

And finally, the Button Clicks section shows you how many times users clicked any of the custom buttons you’ve set up in your chat window.

And that’s it! Just four sets of numbers. Simple, right?

View stats by timeframe and export your data into a CSV

The default view shows stats from the last 30 days. But you can customize that however you like. Maybe you’d like to view by quarter or year. Just set your custom dates and the stats will update automatically.

If you use a third-party database app like Notion or Excel to track your analytics, just click the “Export to CSV” button for seamless exporting and integrating.

Using Reports and Stats in your ZyraTalk dashboard: wrapping up

Chances are you’re not reviewing this data in isolation. You’ve probably used ZyraTalk’s integrations to connect with third-party apps to analyze all your website data in one place. That includes traffic, conversions, goals, and subscriptions as well as your webchat stats.

So we chose to keep the data in the Reports and Stats tab simple and easy to access. After all, you really just need a basic overview of total conversations and conversions.

From the Reports and Stats tab, you can export your data into a CSV. Or, you can integrate it with another analytics app, like Google Analytics, using ZyraTalk’s API capabilities.

Got questions about ZyraTalk’s reports and integrations? We’d be more than happy to answer them. Start a chat with us, or book your free 15-minute demo so we can show you exactly what our live chat solution can do for your business.

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