Is Your Business Ready for Conversational Marketing?

Is Your Business Ready for Conversational Marketing?


All businesses should be ready to welcome conversational marketing software into their tech stack. Unfortunately, although conversational marketing software is now a necessity rather than a luxury, automated chat for business isn't always accessible or affordable for SMBs.

That's why we created ZyraTalk. We believe all businesses — no matter their size, sector, or budget — should have access to webchat and conversational marketing solutions.

But how do you know if your business is ready for conversational marketing? Let's take a look.

Is your business ready for an omnichannel conversational marketing solution?

Ask yourself these questions to find out if conversational marketing software is a good fit for your business.

Is your website optimized?

is your business ready for conversational marketing

If your website is essential to your marketing efforts, you're ready for conversational marketing. Chances are you spend a lot of time and money optimizing your site for search, running ad campaigns, and promoting your content on social media.

Conversational marketing can optimize those efforts to maximize ROI. Webchat increases dwell time and reduces bounce rate, which boosts SEO. Through UTM tracking with ZyraTalk, you'll know exactly which marketing campaigns drive traffic and chats.

Are you not seeing results with forms?

Forms aren't dead, but they're not always the most effective lead generation tool, especially in recent years. Customers expect instant access and instant answers, even when your business is closed.

Did you know it takes over 4 days on average for sales development reps to respond to form fills? We've said it before and we'll say it again: that's way too long. With conversational marketing, you can collect only the information you need to connect with leads in seconds.

Are you using Facebook Messenger to connect with customers?

If you're already using Facebook Messenger or similar platforms, then you're already using conversational marketing. Now all that's left is to start using it on your site.

ZyraTalk integrates fully with Messenger, making it easy to manage your conversations right from your ZyraTalk dashboard. Adding ZyraTalk's automated chatbot to Facebook Messenger to automate conversations is also a hassle-free process.

Do you have staff on hand to analyze your chat data?

is your business ready for conversational marketing

Automation, if you choose to use it, will handle up to 95% of your messages. But the chat log and reports and stats page contain a gold mine of data. Don't let it just sit there.

Do you need to hire a full team of customer service agents to handle live chat? No. Especially not if you use automation. All you need is a marketing team member to take a little time each week or month to analyze the data.

This process won't take long. ZyraTalk makes it simple with an intuitive dashboard that shows the highlights. You can view your chat completion rates, number of reviews, and clicks-to-call at a glance. You can also evaluate individual conversations through the chat log as the need arises.

Our integrations let you plug ZyraTalk's data into your CRM and analytics apps so you can review the data in relation to other marketing efforts.

Are you in the legal, medical, or dental sectors?

One key benefit of conversational marketing in these sectors is discretion. If patients or clients have an urgent yet sensitive matter to discuss, forms and phone calls aren't going to cut it. This is one reason why search queries like "live chat with doctor free" are so high-volume.

If you're not already using live chat for your law firm, doctor's office, or dental clinic, you're missing out on triple the leads and conversions.

No need to worry about HIPAA compliance, either — ZyraTalk's HIPAA compliant live chat solution comes complete with a PIN-protected sensitive data log and unlimited HIPAA-authorized accounts.

Is your business ready for omnichannel conversational marketing? Final thoughts

Of course, we believe all businesses are ready to add conversational marketing software to their tech stack. But we realize it's always not that simple.

Some live chat providers out there are focused on closing big-budget deals with household names in tech. We do things a little differently here at ZyraTalk. We believe small, local businesses should have just as many marketing tools at their disposal. (And those tools shouldn't cost a fortune.)

We've mostly discussed webchat in this post. But omnichannel marketing encompasses every possible marketing channel, including text messages and phone calls. ZyraTalk comes equipped with automated text messaging, text-enabled landlines and VOIPs, and click-to-call tracking.

SMB, are you ready to discover what omnichannel conversational marketing can do for your business? Hit that little chat window in the right-hand corner to take ZyraTalk for a test drive. Or, book your demo today and for a tour of the ZyraTalk dashboard. Mention this post and we'll give you a free 30-day trial run.

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