Why Law Firms Need Web Chat

Why Law Firms Need Web Chat


When it comes to online presence, law firms have a distinct advantage compared to other industries. If someone lands on your site, chances are good they need the services you’re offering. People don’t tend to browse legal websites like they would, say, an online retail store. 

Live chat gives prospective and existing clients an instant, convenient way to get the answers they need. Considering installing live chat on your site to promote your services? Here are just a few reasons why your law firm needs web chat.

Why law firms need web chat

why law firms need web chat

Make your firm more approachable

For new or prospective clients, contacting your law firm with a legal matter can be intimidating. Live chat helps relieve that anxiety. It allows clients to approach you through a medium they’re already comfortable using: instant messaging.

When detailing a legal dispute or claim, it’s important to cover all the facts. We probably don’t have to tell you that phone calls and face-to-face meetings can be nerve-wracking even for extroverts. 

No matter how much they rehearse that phone call or meeting in their head, your prospects and clients are only human. They might stammer or forget to mention important details due to anxiety. Live chat gives clients time and space to write down all the facts of their issue.

Save time

Sure, your clients could Google your firm, click your website, then click your contact page, then fill out a long form with a bunch of personal information, then send it off and wait impatiently for a response, hoping their urgent, time-sensitive inquiry doesn’t get lost in your inbox...

Or they could just send you a message and move on to other things while waiting for a reply. (And with live chat, they won’t have to wait long at all — 15 seconds or less, on average.)

Chances are your clients are already a little nervous or on edge due to their legal concern. Forms force your clients to spend extra, unnecessary time detailing that concern. Add in the uncertainty of email response times and, well, you get the picture.

Web chat not only saves your clients time, but it also saves your firm time. Automated chat can answer frequently asked questions or point your clients in the right direction. It also provides a 24/7 customer service solution, giving your site visitors the instant gratification they’ve come to expect from every other web platform.

Capture more leads

95% of our clients here at ZyraTalk rely on our web chat services to capture leads. Live chat is essential for your lead gen strategy because it allows you to cut the jargon and speak your clients’ language. Above all else, people value real conversations when doing business. 

Plus, automated chatbots and push notifications on all your platforms ensure you’ll never miss another lead.

Secure more conversions

Offering your clients a convenient communication method makes them more likely to convert. Different case studies on live chat’s effect on conversions vary. You can expect to see at least a 35% increase in conversions with live chat on average.

Schedule consultations

why law firms need web chat

Giving legal advice over live chat isn’t always the most practical option. That’s why consultations exist, after all. So once they’ve got their initial questions answered, your clients can schedule their consultation in just a few clicks.

Stand apart from your competitors

In the era of the smartphone, live chat is a necessity, not a luxury. But not all of your competitors have caught on yet.

With ZyraTalk, you’re already one step ahead of the competition. Not only does our live chat help you capture leads and respond to client queries, but it also streamlines all your sales channels.

When you choose ZyraTalk, you choose more leads, more conversions, more traffic, and more revenue.

How do we know it works? Because we’ve helped law firms all over the country achieve those results. Our marketing partners have hundreds of satisfied clients in the legal niche including Palma Law Offices, P.C. in Massachusetts, Disability Attorney Gary Brown in North Carolina, and Barnes Cadwell Law in Indiana.

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