Why Dentists Need Web Chat

Why Dentists Need Web Chat


It’s no secret that many people despise going to the dentist. There is some good news, though: while a significant majority of Americans don’t visit the dentist as much as they should, more Americans want to make it a priority. And web chat can help them do just that.

Live chat simplifies the appointment scheduling process for you, your patients, and your prospects. But that’s only one reason why dentists need web chat. Here are a few more.

Why dentists need web chat

why dentists need web chat

Web chat benefits your practice just as much as your patients. Not only is it the gold standard for customer service, but it’s also a secret weapon in your lead gen strategy. Let’s take a closer look at how web chat can transform your clinic’s day-to-day operations.

Reassure your patients and prospects

Regular dental checkups are essential for good dental health. Unfortunately, some people are so scared of the dentist that this particular form of anxiety has its own name: dentophobia.

Live chat helps your patients overcome that fear. They get instant answers to important questions without even stepping foot in your clinic. You can tell them exactly what a procedure will involve and how much it costs to help them make informed decisions.

why dentists need web chat

Saves you time

Just because you have chat on your site doesn’t mean you have to be plugged in 24/7. In fact, the majority of your conversations should be automated.

Why spend time manually scheduling appointments or answering frequently asked questions when a chatbot can do it for you?

Makes your receptionist’s life easier

Your receptionist could spend all day answering one phone call at a time and keeping other people on hold while scrambling to pull up patient records and handle concerns. Or they could manage multiple live chat windows at a time.

Web chat ensures no one is kept waiting. What would you rather do: stay on hold for 15 minutes, or wait 5 seconds for a reply?

Capture more leads and generate more revenue

We’ve already touched on how automated web chat makes it easier for your patients to schedule appointments. Providing that convenience shows your patients and prospects that you value their time and want to make your processes as convenient as possible.

That commitment helps you capture more leads, which means more appointments, more revenue, and more loyal customers... You get the idea.

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