How to Set up Custom Buttons in ZyraTalk

How to Set up Custom Buttons in ZyraTalk


Our intuitive platform is one of the many reasons why clients choose our webchat for business solution. We make it easy to customize everything from your chat window to the chatbot responses to specific queries.

But our dashboard comes fully loaded with templates and customization options. We've conducted extensive market research to discover which chatbot responses work best for the industries we serve. Most of our clients keep these options as-is, not only to save themselves time, but also to enjoy optimal results.

You don't need to change a thing unless you want to. We'll even customize your chat window for you to ensure it matches your brand palette. It's just one way we save you time.

But you might like to add some custom buttons to your chat window depending on your goals. This super short post covers why you need custom buttons and how to set them up in your ZyraTalk dashboard.

Why your chatbot window needs custom buttons

Your chat window comes preloaded with the following buttons:

But you have the option to tweak them or add more.

Sure, you could just stick with the pre-loaded buttons. Most of our clients do. Others like to add their own custom buttons.

What custom buttons should you include?

That depends entirely on your goals.

Want to drive more traffic to your blog? Add a blog button.

Want to tell your customers your story? Add an about us button.

Want to schedule more consultations? Add a link to your consultation page.

These are just some ideas from our own clients. We covered a few more in another post, Custom Button Ideas for your Chatbot.

How to set up custom buttons in your ZyraTalk dashboard

Step 1: From your dashboard, click the Customize Chat tab and navigate to Custom Buttons.

Step 2: Hover over the prepopulated buttons to edit them if you want.

Step 3: Add your own buttons with custom text.

Step 4: Choose the button type (link, SMS, or call). Insert the link or phone number and click save.

And there you have it: adding custom buttons in just 4 easy steps. You can learn more about customizing your chat window in our other post. Got specific questions? Start chatting with us now and we'll be more than happy to help!

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