How to Customize Your Chat Window in ZyraTalk

How to Customize Your Chat Window in ZyraTalk


So you’ve decided it’s time to install live chat for business on your site. Exciting stuff! But maybe you’re worried that the chat window will clash with your site’s aesthetic.

Let us go ahead and put those worries out of your mind. ZyraTalk’s chat window is 100% customizable.

Here’s a super quick, super easy guide to customizing the appearance of your chat window from your ZyraTalk dashboard.

For all the following steps, you’ll want to navigate to the Customize Chatbot tab:

The preview window below shows you how the widget will look on your site. Feel free to play around with your settings until you’re happy with your chat window’s appearance.

Branding your chat window

Adding your logo

Step 1: In the Customize Chatbot tab, under Basic, scroll down to Chat Logo

Step 2: Upload your logo. (Square images of medium dimensions work best.)

Customizing your colors and chat icons

Step 1: In the Customize Chatbot tab, under Basic, scroll down to Launch Icon

Step 2: Paste in your brand’s HEX color codes into the Primary and Secondary color slots

Step 3: Customize the color of your buttons and button text

Step 4: Select your preferred chat icon (or upload your own!)

Other chatbot customization settings in the ZyraTalk dashboard

Now that you know how to customize the appearance of your chat window, maybe you want to play around with some other settings.

Maybe you want to add custom template responses. Or maybe some custom buttons. Or maybe you want to change where the chatbot appears.

We’ve covered those settings in other posts.

Let us take care of it for you

Don’t have time to input the color codes and logos yourself? Our team can take care of that for you. 

Just let us know during your demo, and we’ll be more than happy to ensure your chatbot is branded and ready to use from the moment you install. We can even show you what your chatbot will look like on your free 15-minute call.

It’s just one of the many ways we make live chat for business more accessible.

TL;DR? Watch the video version of this tutorial instead! (It’s also available within your ZyraTalk dashboard.)

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