Custom Button Ideas for Your Chatbot

Custom Button Ideas for Your Chatbot


Customizing your chat window ensures your live chat solution meshes with the branding and aesthetic of your site. When you choose ZyraTalk, you'll enjoy endless customization options. A few basic buttons are already built in for you, but maybe you'd like to add more.

Need some inspiration for custom button ideas? We've got you covered with ideas from some of our own clients.

Custom button idea #1: Link to your blog

As we already covered in another post, live chat is a great way to promote your blog.

Maybe you'd like to link to a category featuring how-to posts or tutorials. Or maybe you want to boost engagement on your most recent blog post.

Add whatever blog link you think is most relevant. The possibilities are endless.

And, of course, if your site visitors have questions about your content, they can just ping you right in the chat window. This is especially important for SEO. The more time a user spends on your site, the lower your bounce rate.

Custom button idea #2: Offer a freebie

Everybody loves free stuff. We covered some freebie ideas in another post. But even if you're just offering a free consultation or demo, your chat window is a good place to promote it.

Some of our clients in the legal sector use a custom chat window button to promote their free website consultation service. This method is much less intrusive than a huge pop-up ad that blocks most of the screen.

Not only is it less intrusive, but it's more effective. Over 80% of people think pop-up ads are annoying. And we're definitely in that camp!

Custom button idea #3: Let users schedule an appointment

Let's say one of your customers wants to schedule an appointment on their lunch break. They don't have time to call or fill out a long form. They just want to ping you a message and wolf down their lunch before getting back to work.

Live chat lets them do that. And automated chat simplifies the process on your end, too. Win-win.

Custom button idea #4: Recruit new team members

Some of our clients include a link to their careers page. If you're already advertising your job opening on social media, including a link to your careers page right in your chat window saves applicants time. They've probably done enough hunting during their job search anyway.

But potential applicants might have some questions about the job. So while they're browsing your careers page, they can send you any questions and receive answers then and there.

They get the information they need, and you get some insight into their communication skills. It's a great way to vet a candidate before they even submit their application.

Custom button idea #5: Talk to a human

If you're using automated chat for business, 95% of your conversations will be automated. Not only does this save you time, but it also gives your customers the instant gratification they've come to expect.

But maybe their inquiry is more complex and they need to talk to a real, live human. You might set up a button that says, "I want to talk to a human."

When your customers click it, you'll get a notification that they want to speak to someone. You can jump right into the conversation and assist them in real-time.

Tips for adding custom buttons to your chat window

  • Less is more. Adding too many buttons creates visual clutter. We recommend adding only the essentials. 
  • Consider your goals. What do you want your live chat solution to accomplish? Drive traffic to your blog? Increase conversions? From there, consider how you can use custom buttons to your advantage.
  • Review your links often. If you're promoting a time-sensitive offer or a recent blog post, you'll want to keep that link updated. And if you prefer to keep your chat window evergreen, then you won't even have to think about this after installation.

Custom button ideas for your chat window: wrapping up

We've taken great care to make ZyraTalk an accessible, easy-to-use platform. We've added chatbot templates that answer frequently asked questions for the industries we service.

Most of our clients use the platform as-is because it means less time setting up. But you have the option to customize as much as you like. From your color scheme right down to the logo and chatbot responses.

Well, we've reached the end of the post, so you know what that means: call-to-action time! You probably saw this one coming. If you've got questions, you know what to do. (Hit that chat bubble!) Prefer to talk over the phone instead? Click that custom "call us" button. ?


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