How to Manage Live Chat for Your Home Improvement Business

How to Manage Live Chat for Your Home Improvement Business


When you hear the term “chatbot”, you might picture a primitive bot that doesn’t always respond correctly to inquiries.

But chatbots for business have come a long way in just the past few years. Why? Because real humans are putting in the work behind the scenes to make them a success.

If you’ve never used live chat for business before, it can seem a little intimidating at first. The key is letting live chat work for you. That’s the whole point of installing it, right?

We’ve done our best to make it as simple as possible. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks on managing live chat for home improvement businesses.

How to manage live chat for your home improvement business

manage live chat for home improvement businesses

Set up automated responses

Live chat gives your customers and prospects instant answers to their burning questions. This is something they’ve come to expect in the era of the smartphone.

Thing is, you probably don’t have time to manually respond to every single message that comes through. Especially while you’re also managing other contact channels. 

(And, you know, running a business.)

This is where automation comes in. Did you know that 95% of your conversations will — and should — be automated?

But automated doesn’t mean inauthentic. Your business probably receives dozens of the same inquiries about pricing and consultations day in and day out.

So set up a chatbot to handle those frequently asked questions. Or, better yet, let ZyraTalk take care of that for you.

We work with hundreds of businesses in the home improvement industry. That experience helped us anticipate customer queries and create templated responses.

These custom responses are already built into our platform. Which means you won’t have to spend hours writing them yourself. 

It’s just one way we make it easier for you to add live chat to your site. (And stay one step ahead of the competition.)

Train your team

As we’ve mentioned in our other blog posts, web chat is so much more than a customer service tool. Live chat is a great way to boost engagement on your blog, promote sales and offers, and so much more.

Training your team to navigate the backend won’t take long. We took great care to craft a platform that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Your marketing team will have a field day analyzing chat logs and statistics reports. Exporting and integrating that data into your existing campaigns and CRM systems only takes a few clicks.

See all your chats, reviews, completion statuses, and so much more at a glance. Our chat log also shows the names and contact info for all your leads right in one place.

Why your home improvement business needs live chat

manage live chat for home improvement businesses

  • Increase leads, conversions, and revenue

  • Streamline your marketing strategies and campaigns

  • Integrate data into your CRM, Google Analytics, and more

Managing live chat for your home improvement business: wrapping up

We know just how easy it is for home improvement businesses to manage live chat. 


Because we service some of the most trusted names in home improvement all across the country. 

Our clients enjoy an average chat completion rate of 86%. Some of the HVAC businesses we work with saw their conversions triple after installing ZyraTalk. 

Those conversions led to a 33% increase in revenue.

Ready to see what live chat can do for you? We’re so confident in our product that we’ll even let you try it before you buy it. Let us know you read this blog post when you schedule your free 15-minute demo. We’ll give you 30 days free to test out our platform.

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