Here's Why Millennials and Gen Z Prefer Web Chat

Here's Why Millennials and Gen Z Prefer Web Chat


Why do millennials and Gen Z prefer web chat over other mediums? One of the answers is probably obvious — they’re digital natives. They grew up using technology.

People in these age brackets are more likely to watch their phones ring, then text you afterward to see what you wanted.

That same attitude applies to customer service. You’ll find all sorts of anecdotes on the internet about young folks who don’t use the calling feature on their phone.

Let’s take a closer look at why millennials and Gen Z prefer web chat — and how those preferences affect your business.

Why millennials’ and Gen Z’s preferences matter for your business

why millennials and gen z prefer web chat

When many people hear the term “millennial”, they might picture bored teenagers absorbed by their phones.

But the oldest millennials are pushing 40. They’ve graduated college, established careers, bought homes, and started families. And the youngest millennials are in their mid-20s.

How old are people in the Gen Z demographic? That depends who you ask. Some say Gen Z starts with people born in 1995. Others say it starts in 1997. No matter which year you use, the oldest Gen Zers are in their mid-20s. 

So you might as well scrap that image of the uninterested teenager.

In 2020, Gen Z will make up nearly 40% of the global consumer base. And they have some serious buying power at a cool $140+ billion.

Plus, these aptly nicknamed “influencers” also affect their parents’ buying decisions.

If you’re not marketing and catering to Gen Z’s preferences, you’re ignoring a decent chunk of your customer base.

Why millennials and Gen Z prefer web chat

Several case studies show millennials and Gen Z prefer communicating with customer service teams via web chat. They get instant answers to their questions, which is something they’ve come to expect from businesses.

Here are a few more reasons why web chat is popular among younger demographics.

It’s unintrusive

Let’s say you oversee an outpatient clinic. Maybe your patients have concerns they’re not comfortable discussing over the phone.

Live chat gives them a discreet way to contact your doctor's office. This allows them to get the advice they need from their trusted healthcare professional.

Of course, web chat isn’t just reserved for sensitive matters. Live chat is a quick way to find answers to frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, and get information on products and services.

It allows for multi-tasking

why millennials and gen z prefer web chat

While multi-tasking is possible to some degree while talking on the phone, managing a call in addition to another task is difficult.

Millennials and Gen Zers are well-versed in managing multiple chat platforms at once. Having web chat available shows you’re in tune with the way they communicate on a daily basis.

It shows your value their time and effort

Picture it: you call a customer service hotline. You keep the phone on speaker while the hold music plays. Every 30 seconds, a pre-recorded voice assures you an agent will be with you shortly.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the agent finally answers the call. You dutifully answer the data protection questions they’re required to ask.

Finally, they ask how they can help you. Phone anxiety makes you “umm” and “ahh” every few words while you detail your concern.

Then, it happens: “To resolve this matter, I’ll have to transfer you to another department.”

And the cycle repeats itself.

Fast forward an hour. Your concern has finally been addressed, but you’re feeling a little worn out after playing hot potato on the phone.

This is precisely one reason why millennials and Gen Z prefer web chat. They don’t have time to wait around on the phone all day. 

One-fourth of them expect an answer within 10 minutes. Nearly half of millennial and Gen Z customers expect an answer within an hour.

Why millennials and Gen Z prefer live chat: wrapping up

Yes, people under 40 prefer web chat. Is that particularly surprising in the era of the smartphone?

As we saw earlier, millennials and Gen Z are adults with considerable purchasing power. And if you’re neglecting these demographics, you’re missing out on some serious revenue.

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