Lead Capture Strategies with Chatbots

Lead Capture Strategies with Chatbots


When you hear “live chat” or “chatbot”, you probably think, customer service. But what if we told you chat has the power to transform the way you attract new customers and qualify leads? More leads, more conversions, and more customers equal more revenue and more reviews. It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

Keep reading to find out a few ways you can use chatbots to capture and qualify leads with minimal effort.

lead capture strategies with chatbots

Say hello 

Your website is always your virtual storefront.

Of course your customers expect to be greeted when they walk through the door. It’s not only polite, but it’s a cornerstone of a successful business.

Why not apply that same approach to your website? Get their attention. Say hello and let your site visitors know you’re standing by in case they need anything.

When done correctly, your visitors will feel more comfortable “approaching” your business via web chat if they have a question.

Offer a reward

Lead Capture Strategies with Chatbots

Discounts. Giveaways. Cheat sheets. We all love free stuff, and your customers are no exception.

You can’t expect to get something for nothing. So give your customers an incentive to opt in. A great way to do that is to promote an offer using your chatbot.

You don’t want to make your visitors hunt for it, and you don’t want them to click off a pop-up window so they can keep browsing.

A chatbot is an unintrusive way to notify them of a sale, discount, or offer. They can get that notification, sign up, and ask questions instantly and in one place.

Make their lives easier

Adding quick access buttons to your chat window shows your leads that you’re capable of saving them a little anxiety and effort.

“Anxiety?” you ask. “What do you mean?”

Ever got anxiety about calling to make an appointment or ask a question? The answer is probably yes, if you’re like most people. 

Phone anxiety is a real thing. (It even has its own Wikipedia page.) 

A fully optimized chatbot can help your customers and leads say goodbye to phone anxiety. After all, people overwhelmingly prefer live chatting to calling these days. 

So enable your chatbot to schedule appointments and consultations in just a few clicks. Adding your customers’ preferred mode of communication to your site also makes your business more approachable.

Lead capture strategies with chatbots: wrapping up

Bottom line: If a chatbot can do it, have them do it. Takes a few tasks off your list and makes your customers’ lives a lot easier.

Chatbots aren’t just a gateway to customer service. When utilized to their full potential, they’re a secret weapon for capturing leads. They can act as a greeter, an advertisement, an assistant, and so much more.

Level up your lead capture with ZyraTalk. We believe live chat for business is a necessity, not a luxury. As such, it should be free. (Yes, free.)

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