Industries that Benefit Most from Live Chat

Industries that Benefit Most from Live Chat


We're a live chat for business solution. Of course we believe every industry benefits from having live chat.

But webchat is particularly useful for certain industries, namely home services, medical, automotive, and legal. Let's take a look at why live chat works so well for improving customer satisfaction, generating leads, and increasing revenue within these sectors.

Live chat for doctors

Google "live chat with doctor free" and you'll find a ton of sites that connect patients with trusted health professionals instantly.

Telehealth is a lucrative field that's predicted to grow by nearly 65% in 2020. And that percentage will only keep rising in the future.

Let's face it: talking about your health face-to-face or even over the phone can be a bit nerve-wracking. And in the worst case, it's plain embarrassing.

People don't want to talk about their sensitive health issues over the phone. Webchat is a more discreet way of discussing medical needs with a trusted professional.

(Plus, live chatting with a doctor is a preferable alternative to patients Googling their symptoms and drawing their own conclusions.)

Webchat gives your patients the time, space, and clarity they need to outline all the details of their concern.

ZyraTalk is a HIPAA compliant live chat platform, so your patients are fully protected.

But live chat for doctors isn't just about health advice. It's also a much more efficient way of scheduling appointments and generating leads.

Live chat for dentists

It's common knowledge that most people put off dentist appointments. Ask your average person if they like going to the dentist and they'll likely squirm a little, envisioning the whirring of drills and the glint of sharp instruments.

The good news is, more and more people are prioritizing their dental health. Live chat for dentists provides an extra layer of transparency about your clinic's pricing and procedures.

Answering your patients' questions can help them overcome their fear of the dentist. (And help you secure more leads, more appointments, and more revenue.)

Live chat for lawyers

Discretion applies just as much to legal matters as it does to health. Chances are your clients are already a little nervous about approaching your firm.

That's not even factoring in the phone anxiety, which causes people to stumble over their words and forget important details.

Installing live chat for your law firm provides phone-shy folks with a communication method they're comfortable using.

Of course, there are some people who prefer to chat face-to-face to gain clarity on complex legal matters. That's where live chat comes in.

Automated webchat makes it easier for your clients to schedule consultations. (And you don't even have to lift a finger.)

Live chat for automotive

Think auto repair shops and car dealerships don't need live chat?

Think again.

Your prospects and customers don't just want instant gratification. They expect it.

And if your business can't provide it, they'll find another that does.

Buying a car is an involved process. Chances are your prospects have a lot of questions they need answered.

Do they really need to fill out a long form and wait a day or longer for a response?

Or, would it just be easier to start a chat and wait 2 minutes or less?

Same goes for auto repair shops.

Maybe your prospects need repairs but don't have time to get to your shop right this minute. They might not be in a position to call the shop and schedule an appointment.

And they probably don't have time to fill out a form with their full name, email address, and the name of their first pet.

Live chat for automotive doesn't just make your customers' lives easier. It also makes your life easier, simplifying everything from marketing to appointment scheduling. (But we covered that in more detail in the post linked above.)

Automated chat for business: the industries that benefit most

Let's get one thing straight: all industries should have live chat installed on their website.

Just a few years ago, live chat was an impressive little luxury. Today, it's a necessity.

Live chat is especially important for the home service, medical, dental, legal, and automotive industries. Hassle-free appointment scheduling and confidential communication are just two benefits of using our platform.

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