How to Manage Live Chat for Lawyers

How to Manage Live Chat for Lawyers


First things first: the point of this post isn’t to convince you why your law firm needs live chat. (After all, we’ve already covered that in another post.)

The bottom line: if your firm doesn’t have live chat, you’re behind the curve.

But maybe you’re still not convinced. Maybe you’re drowning in emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls already.

How in the world would you manage another communication platform on top of all that?

Simple — with a chatbot specifically customized for the legal industry.

Keep reading to discover how to make automated chat for business work for your law firm.

How to manage live chat for lawyers

how to manage live chat for lawyers

Let automated chat work for you

We work with hundreds of law firms across the U.S., and we’ve captured thousands of conversations.

That means we know the most common inquiries our clients in the legal sector receive.

We harnessed that knowledge to create templated responses. These are already built into the chatbot as soon as you install. All you have to do is tweak them as you see fit and you’re good to go.

Our AI web chat solution works 24/7/365 so you don’t have to.

Monitor automated conversations in real-time

Most of your conversations will be automated. But it’s important to have the ability to jump in if a user has a more complex inquiry.

ZyraTalk is a hybrid web chat solution. That means you can monitor conversations in real-time and break the automation whenever you need to.

Keep tabs on your conversations across devices

how to manage live chat for lawyers

ZyraTalk provides a full suite of cross-device notifications. Text, email, desktop — no matter where you are, you’ll never miss a message again.

But we’re not just web chat. Our platform also integrates with SMS and Facebook messaging. You can automate and monitor those messages right from your dashboard.

We even offer the capability to text-enable your landline number.

How do all those functionalities benefit your firm? They give your customers more avenues of communication. That allows them to connect with you using their preferred method.

Protected for attorney–client privilege

Our live chat platform is HIPAA-compliant and encrypted for attorney–client privilege. To access sensitive data, you’ll need to set a secure 4-digit pin.

You choose which staff members have access to this pin, as well as which staff members have access to the dashboard.

How to manage live chat for lawyers: wrapping up

Just because you have a web chat widget on your site doesn’t mean you have to be plugged in 24/7.

In fact, AI will handle up to 95% of your conversations. You can then analyze the data to see all your leads, reviews, and chats at a glance. (Then use that data to power up your marketing strategy.)

This post just scratches the surface on ways to manage live chat for lawyers. But the only way to discover how AI can work for your firm is to test it out for yourself.

We’re confident that our hybrid chat solution will work for you because it works for law firms all across the country. It helps them generate more leads, more conversions, and more revenue.

Of course, we don’t expect you to take us at our word. That’s why we’re offering a free 30-day trial run of our software. Just mention you read this post when you book your demo!

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