How to Join a Live Chat in ZyraTalk

How to Join a Live Chat in ZyraTalk


Automated webchat for business is a great way to cut costs and time spent on serving customers. Most of your chats will be automated.

But there will be times when you might need to jump into a conversation.

For example, let’s say you’re managing live chat for doctors. A patient messages your clinic wanting personalized advice. You have the option to break the automation and jump in at any point.

This short tutorial breaks down how to do that from your ZyraTalk dashboard.

How to join an automated conversation in ZyraTalk

You can join into a live chat right away from the Messaging tab in your ZyraTalk dashboard. But you should also set up notifications to alert you when live chats are happening, as well as a Jump-In Message. Here's how.

Setting up notifications

Step 1: Log in to your ZyraTalk dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the Messaging tab.

Step 3: Under “Live Chat”, click the “Notifications” button.

Step 4: Fill out your information.

Step 5: Save in this pop-up window and on the main Messaging screen.

Setting up Quick Texts

Here’s how to set a default response that lets your visitor know a human’s jumping in.

Step 1: In the Messaging tab, click “Set Jump-In Message”

Step 2: Enter your message and click “Save”

Joining a live chat

Step 1: In the Messaging tab, scroll down to “Currently chatting”

Step 2: Click “Join into the conversation” to send your Jump-In Message

Step 3: Start chatting!

Tips for setting up and jumping in

We recommend setting a Jump-In Message that lets your users know an agent is joining the chat. Something like, “Hi, human jumping in! How can I help you?”

If you have a dedicated customer service agent who handles all your chats, it might be a good idea to include their name.

If several people manage your chats, skip the name and train your team to introduce themselves in their first manual message.

Although the majority of your chats will be automated, it’s good to know how to jump in if you need to.

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