How to Get More Google Reviews with Live Chat

How to Get More Google Reviews with Live Chat


Let us guess — you’re here because you’re seeing stars. Five stars specifically.

Reviews help customers gauge a company’s trustworthiness and customer service savvy.

They're mutually beneficial. Sure, they prove to your customers that your business is dependable. (In the case of bad reviews, they prove that you know how to handle complaints tactfully.)

But they also boost workplace morale and reassure your team that you’re doing a good job. (In the case of bad reviews, they improve your ability to identify and solve problems.)

Their usefulness doesn’t stop there, of course. Reviews are a secret weapon for SEO rankings. They also improve brand visibility and awareness.

Looking to generate more Google reviews? Keep reading to find out how live chat for business can help you get them.

Why Google reviews matter for your business

We probably don’t even need to tell you why Google reviews matter for your business.

But we will anyway:

Google is literally everywhere.

Where’s the first place people go when they want to look something up?


When they want to find out a company’s operating hours?


When they want to read real reviews from real people?

You guessed it. Google.

We’re willing to bet you found this post on Google.

So yes, Google reviews matter for your business.

(And the good news is, you don’t have to put much effort into getting more of them.)

Get more Google ratings with live chat

The right time to start focusing on your Google ratings is now.

Do you have to spend hours creating some detailed strategy? Not unless you want to.

What you need is live chat.

Webchat is an underrated solution for generating good ratings on Google.

The key is to embed your rating link right into your chatbot.

How do you do that?

We’re glad you asked.

How to set up Google ratings from your ZyraTalk dashboard

Step 1: Log in to your ZyraTalk dashboard.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Review” tab.

get more google reviews with live chat

Step 3: Under “Review Button”, scroll down to the Google Reviews icon.

get more google reviews with live chat

Step 4: Paste in the link to your business’ Google Reviews page.

Step 5: Click “Save”.

Step 6: Go forth and be productive!

How to handle negative Google ratings on live chat

Don’t start stressing about bad ratings. Because we’ve already handled that for you.

(We really did think of everything.)

What happens when a user clicks that big red thumbs-down?

A short form pops up where they can share more details of their complaint.

Where does that complaint go?

Right into your ZyraTalk dashboard. It won’t go live on Google. You’re welcome!

What’s stopping your customer from going on Google themselves and leaving a bad rating?

Admittedly, not much.

But this function gives you a chance to contact them directly and address their concern privately.

(And let’s be honest, exiting your site and going onto Google to leave a review takes more effort than they’re likely willing to make.)

Using live chat to get more Google ratings: the bottom line

You’ve probably seen some hilarious Google reviews.

The thing about Google reviews is, anyone can leave them.

So no, they’re not always the most credible 

But 99 times out of 100, they’re genuine.

Are you willing to risk neglecting that goldmine of customer testimonials over 1 fake or exaggerated review?

We thought not.

Webchat makes it easy to get more ratings. Your customers can leave them in just 3 clicks.

With ZyraTalk, you can embed as many review platforms as you want. We’ve already built BBB reviews, YellowPages, HomeAdvisor, and other links into our dashboard.

But you can also add as many custom links as you like.

Want to see what else we can do? Click that chat window on the right-hand side and let’s talk. Book your demo in just a few clicks, and we’ll walk you through all our features in just 15 minutes for free.

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