How Chatbots Generate Leads for this Local HVAC Company

How Chatbots Generate Leads for this Local HVAC Company


Chatbot Improved Lead Generation & Customer Service For Utah HVAC Company


A local HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Company in the Salt Lake Valley improved their customer communication and lead generation after ditching a well-known website chat alternative

The digital marketing landscape is a fast-paced and complicated matrix of information and technology changes. There is no shortage of marketing experts, gurus, Lamborghini hood-sitting and money-flashing, buy-my-course-now cartoon characters.

Choosing the right options for your business’ digital assets will likely take time, trial, error and money.

We interviewed one of our partner companies — ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric in Salt Lake City, Utah — that implemented our custom website chat to replace the current option they had, which created more work for CSRs and was not intuitive for website visitors to use.

Why did your company choose ZyraTalk to replace your old website chat tool?

"The top deciding factors for us were:

  • The timed delay to pop-up
  • The intuitive user interface
  • Ability to add custom buttons that reflect our current offers
  • A panel of options pops up rather than a small bubble with a weak message"

— Internet Marketing Specialist David M.

How has ZyraTalk chat improved customer service for ESCO?

There are a few benefits we saw right away after implementing the chat on our site in relation to customer service.

The chatbot can easily identify the customer need based on specific keywords and reply quickly and intelligently. For example, "furnace repair" in "I need someone to look at my furnace because it is blowing cold air. Do you have open appointments today?"

With an automatic response, customers spend more time on the site (great for SEO and CTR) and get answers directly or understand someone will follow up with them ASAP.

With their specific contact information provided to us, our team can quickly identify them in our system and familiarize themselves with the customer history and prep for reaching out to schedule or answer questions directly.

When our customer service reps call that customer, they already know what they need which keeps the phone lines open and lessens the time required to communicate effectively. Additionally, the ability to know the needs of customers allows our team to choose the right person or department to follow up and provide the answers needed, again, saving time.

We have noticed there are times where site visitors will recognize they are speaking with a bot but continue anyway because they feel heard. The idea that customers don’t want to interact with chatbots is one of many myths about chatbots.

What benefits do you see for lead generation?

The overall benefit is definitive and direct communication. The customer service element provided lends to increased lead capture probability and as well as future opportunities because customers feel heard.

The ability to export all of the customer data provided allows us to then reach them through text, email, or phone directly. When our team is able to quickly respond to the customer inquiry, we find that we have a higher book rate.

Basically, the bot is pre-qualifying those leads from the website traffic that want to communicate digitally.

We plan to improve this lead potential through by importing emails into the system and targeting those potential customers automatically through our email marketing system.

The top lead generation benefits for us are:

  • 24/7 customer and website traffic communication capabilities
  • Higher ROI from website ranking and PPC traffic conversion because of engagement opportunity
  • Chat is becoming a more common website convention that is expected and people are accustomed to utilizing
  • Lead and customer data delivery automation

What advice would you have for businesses new to website chat?

Not all customers prefer to communicate the same way. Consider adding different and unique ways to engage your website users to help them feel heard, confident in what you do and reduce friction in communicating with your business.

This is something we are constantly addressing and improving according to our team’s abilities and scalability.

Just because you would rather talk on the phone to get answers, many people today like to utilize digital commutation before getting on the phone.

Potential customers might be at work, in a meeting, planning to respond back when not driving, etc. Helping website users communicate with your business on their terms is essential to generate and convert leads.

Key takeaways

While a bot can never replace quality customer service from a human, it can help:

  • Increase site conversion
  • Set the expectations of services rendered
  • Communicate 24/7
  • Help CSRs qualify and prioritize potential leads and customer questions or concerns
  • Help educate audience/site users of seasonal offers or relevant service pages
  • Adds a staff member without the sick days and says exactly what you want
  • Strengthen customer relationships

To increase website conversions, lead flow, and customer service capabilities, consider adding ZyraTalk to your HVAC, plumbing, electrician, or other home services website.

To get started, click the chat in the bottom right of your screen or the “get demo” button in the top right, or give us a call.

About ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric

Serving the Wasatch Front since 1977, ESCO has mainly focused on Utah HVAC repair, installation, and replacement. However, they have brought on skilled plumbers and electricians to expand and improve how they serve homeowners in Utah.

With customer service as a top priority, ESCO builds lasting relationships with customers through home system maintenance plans and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

ESCO also utilizes ZyraTalk to help convert website traffic for furnace repair, AC repair, sewer repair, and electrical repair in Utah.

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