How to Boost SEO with Chatbots

How to Boost SEO with Chatbots


Most companies using automated chat for business focus on how AI can increase leads, conversions, and revenue. SEO might not even cross their minds as a potential benefit of using a chatbot. But chatbots can improve your search engine ranking and increase your brand's visibility. Here's how to boost SEO with chatbots.

how to boost seo with chatbots

Do chatbots improve SEO?

As you've probably already guessed, the answer is yes — but only when they're done right.

Installing a chatbot won't magically improve your rank. You have to optimize it to ensure it meets your customers' needs. This will increase the time they spend on your site. It could also drive traffic to targeted pages and posts.

At the very least, your chatbot should...

  • be able to anticipate and answer as many potential customer queries as possible
  • sound natural and easy to understand
  • capture your brand voice

How to boost SEO with chatbots

Promote your blog

For example, let's say you're in the home service industry and a customer has a question about their air conditioner. It's making a lot of noise and they're not sure if they need to book an appointment with an HVAC technician.

They visit your website and a chat window pops up to greet them and ask if there's anything they need help with. This is the perfect opportunity to get the answers they need quickly instead of calling or visiting your office.

So they type in their question. The chatbot reassures them that your office serves their area, then asks for some basic information. Once the lead is qualified, the chatbot assures the customer someone will be in touch soon to confirm the appointment.

Then, they send another message with a link to the relevant blog post: "In the meantime, if you want to learn more about why your air conditioner might be leaking, check out our blog post."

They click the link to read the post because it provides value. That increases dwell time and reduces bounce rate, which both work to improve SEO.

how to boost seo with chatbots

Add a CRM integration

One of the main advantages of using a chatbot is to capture and qualify leads. CRM integrations seamlessly store that contact information in one place. From there, you can follow up on incompleted chats or purchases and share content via email to drive traffic back to your site.

Not sure how to set up CRM integrations? ZyraTalk makes it easy with video tutorials right in the dashboard. And our support technicians are standing by to assist in case you run into trouble or have a question

Link to pages you'd like to drive more traffic

Maybe you have a careers page with job listings. Or maybe you have an About Us page you'd like more people to read. Maybe you're looking to book more free consultations. Or maybe you're even promoting a book.

Your chatbot is the perfect place to link to those pages. You can even include them as buttons, so they'll appear as soon as your chat window opens.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to customize the chat window and add whatever links you like. This strategy works well for our own clients and earns them 3x more conversions, consultations, and sales. There are also large reputable marketing agencies who consistently recommend us to their customers. Flamingo Agency out of Chicago is one of them.

What if a customer asks to speak to a real human?

Even better.

Our hybrid solution allows your team to monitor chats in real-time and jump in when needed. Let's face it: conversations with your chatbot might be short and sweet. (And they should be!)

But chatting with a human likely means more time spent on-site, which means a higher dwell rate and a reduced bounce rate.

Let's not forget the tangible benefits of providing an excellent customer service experience: better customer loyalty, more 5-star reviews, and more revenue.

Using a chatbot to boost SEO: the bottom line

Yes, chatbots can help boost SEO. But you have to make sure your chatbot is serving your customers. After all, the customer is the core of your omnichannel marketing strategy.

So don't just install a chatbot and neglect the analytics. Your chat reports are a treasure trove of data. Reviewing your chat logs regularly could make all the difference in the effectiveness of your conversational marketing strategy.

Got questions about how ZyraTalk can help improve your SEO, generate more leads, drive more conversions, and increase revenue? Hit that little chat bubble to see us in action.

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