5 Effective HVAC Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses

5 Effective HVAC Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses


For local HVAC businesses, generating leads is crucial to keep the lights on. Small companies without bottomless digital marketing budgets struggle to compete. Particularly when acquiring a single customer costs up to $300 on average.

As your HVAC company continues to grow, you'll need to invest more in digital marketing. Word-of-mouth sustained small HVAC companies for decades, but the landscape is changing. 

That means the HVAC marketing strategies that worked 10 or even 5 years ago just won't cut it anymore. Here are 5 foolproof ways to generate more HVAC leads and close more deals.

Local services ads and local SEO

hvac lead generation local business

One of the most effective HVAC lead generation strategies for SMBs is local SEO. What's the use in ranking for high-volume keywords like “AC repair"? Landing a first-page ranking for that search query might yield a ton of traffic. But traffic is useless unless it generates high-quality leads in your service area.

Local SEO for HVAC involves more than just churning out content with location-specific focus keywords. Your website design and structure, your Google My Business page, and your business listings in online directories like Angie's List affect local SEO.

Complement your local SEO efforts with paid Google Local Services Ads. This could land you two spots on the same local search results page, maximizing your brand visibility. Apply for the Google Guarantee to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Web chat

When most business owners hear the phrase “web chat”, they probably think customer service, not marketing. But automated web chat for local HVAC businesses is a secret weapon for generating leads.

Keep your virtual storefront open 24/7/365, book more appointments without lifting a finger, promote relevant web content in your messages — these are just a few ways automated web chat for HVAC goes beyond customer service.

Automated chat ensures no customer is left unanswered, even when your business is closed. AI can automatically capture information for each new lead, simplifying lead nurture.

Save time and money on pay per lead services and generate qualified, serviceable leads with AI-powered chat. HVAC companies generate 3x more leads and 25% more revenue within just a few months of installing ZyraTalk. 

Discover how to build better relationships with existing customers and attract new ones with a free 15-minute demo. Sign up for our free plan to try out our HVAC live chat solution.

Content marketing

Creating valuable blog content is an excellent way to generate organic traffic and improve your search engine ranking for relevant topics. But the competition is fierce, particularly for broad topics like our previous example, “AC repair”. 

Even location-specific keywords like “Denver AC repair” are highly competitive. But creating local content is a safe bet for small to medium-sized HVAC companies. Striking a balance between local and general topics is key.

Blind & Sons Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electric in Northeast Ohio does this well. The company ranks on the first page for “Barberton HVAC”, where they're based. They've also earned the number one spot on Google Local Services Ads.

One of the company's best performing blog posts, “Will a New Thermostat Save Me Money on Energy Bills?” seems like a broader topic upon first glance. Dig deeper and you'll find location-specific keywords like “thermostat replacement in Akron OH” in the subheadings and body.

But the post isn't just a big advertisement or keyword dump. The introduction answers the question before diving into the difference between programmable and smart thermostats. The content delivers value to prospects in the service area looking to install or replace a thermostat.

HVAC content marketing tip: Target mid-volume, low-competition keywords both in your industry and area. Aim for keywords with 100 to 1,000 searches a month. Will those search queries generate tons of traffic? Maybe not — but they will attract the right traffic. Quality and relevance over quantity.

Social media

hvac lead generation local business

HVAC content marketing involves more than blog posts and web content. Content marketing also encompasses social media, graphic design, video, and audio.

Do you have to be everywhere all at once? Not necessarily. It's best to go where your audience hangs out. That might be YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or a combination of all of the above.

How do you know where your audience hangs out? Do some experimenting. Create different types of content and analyze what performs best with your audience.

Creating content doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. Short social media posts and video clips perform well — especially in an age when time and attention spans are short.

SMS marketing 

SMS is an underrated lead generation strategy for local HVAC businesses. With open rates as high as 98%, text message marketing will put you a step ahead of the competition. Using SMS to promote discounts and incentivize referrals is a smart lead generation strategy for HVAC. 

Consider this example campaign. You've curated a list of loyal customers who book annual maintenance appointments every year. You send out a text message blast to those customers offering 15% off their next appointment when they refer a friend.

If they're already paying for the service, chances are they'll refer a friend to save some cash. And, since they're already a loyal customer, that word-of-mouth marketing presents double benefits. That referral will refer someone else and so forth. They get a little extra money in their pocket, you get new customers — it's a win-win.

Generating leads for your local HVAC business: wrapping up

Managing a robust digital marketing strategy can be daunting for growing local HVAC companies. That's just one reason why home service businesses outsource content to freelancers or hire marketing agencies.

Personalized messaging is reshaping the future of HVAC marketing. Web chat opens up every possible avenue of communication with your business. It allows your customers to connect with you on their terms, through the platform they use daily: instant messaging.

Browse our archives to discover if your local HVAC business is ready to start using web chat. Or, book your free 15-minute demo today for a behind-the-scenes look at our growth engine.

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