Your Web Chat Checklist: Optimizing Conversions and Conversations

Your Web Chat Checklist: Optimizing Conversions and Conversations


So you’ve just decided to install live chat on your site. Great stuff! But now you’re feeling stuck, or maybe a little overwhelmed. You have no idea how to set up web chat to drive sales and conversions. (That is why you’re here, after all.)

No need to worry. We’ve put together a comprehensive chatbot checklist to help you set up your chat window, customize your bot, manage your chats, and so much more.

your web chat checklist - what you should do to optimize conversions

Customizing the chat window interface and chatbot

✅ Design your chat window to match your brand’s color palette.

 Add your company logo to the chat box.

 Set up your chat window to greet the visitor as soon as the page loads.

 Create buttons for quick responses to frequently asked questions.

 Name your bot. (If you’d like)

 Set a greeting that sounds natural and welcoming.

Managing your chats

 Allocate staff members to respond to chat messages.

 Train your team to use the interface and proper chat etiquette.

 Set up a bot to respond when your team is offline.

 Turn on text, email, and desktop notifications so you never miss a message.

 Optimize your CRM systems to simplify data access and maximize response time.

 Automate as many interactions as possible, like appointment scheduling.

Interacting with site visitors and customers

 Reply in less than 15 seconds where possible.

 Maintain a friendly yet professional tone. Use emojis as appropriate.

 Proofread all interactions to catch spelling and grammatical errors.

 Ask your customer to rate their satisfaction at the end of the chat.

Improving your chat interface and interactions

 Read your reviews and implement worthwhile suggestions and ideas.

 Analyze your conversations regularly to find out what works and what doesn’t.

 A/B test all improvements and assess their potential to increase conversions.

One more thing: GDPR compliance

Does any of your site traffic come from countries in the European Union? If so, ensuring your site and chat interface follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws is essential for avoiding hefty fines.

 Ensure all your data storage and handling policies are GDPR compliant.

 Add a consent form to the beginning of the chat that requires users to opt in.

 Create a clear, easily accessible privacy and cookie policy and include links in the chat window.

 Allow site users to request access to and erasure of their data.

 Review your chat logs regularly to ensure sensitive data isn’t stored unless allowed.

Start ticking those boxes!

We know that’s a long to-do list. At first glance, it seems there’s a lot involved with setting up a successful chat interface that drives conversions, increases revenue, and keeps customers happy. But it doesn’t have to be super complicated.

When you choose ZyraTalk, you choose top-tier client support. Got a question about any of the items on this list? Just ping us and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through it.

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