Why Insurance Agencies Need Web Chat

Why Insurance Agencies Need Web Chat


We’ll cut to the chase: no matter what sector you’re working in, your insurance agency needs web chat. That’s just the bottom line. And we’re not just saying that because we offer web chat. (We’re really not — we don’t do gimmicks here at ZyraTalk.)

We’re living in the era of the smartphone. Not only do your prospects and customers expect instant gratification, but they’re also just as busy as you are. They don’t have time to fill out a form just to submit an inquiry or get a quote.

That’s where chat comes in. Web chat provides 24/7 customer service and makes it easy for your customers and prospects to find what they need.

Why your insurance agency needs web chat

why insurance agencies need web chat

Domestic or commercial, property or automotive — whatever policies you’re peddling, live chat saves time for both you and your prospects. But that’s only one reason why insurance agencies need web chat. Here are a few more.

Save your prospects time and effort

Let’s say a prospect has just landed on your site looking for a quote. They skim through your landing page copy, scrolling past those glowing testimonials you worked so hard to get.

And then they see it — the big button that reads, “GET A QUOTE.”

They might be a little relieved at how quick and easy it was. But when they click, the page redirects to a long form asking for tons of personal information.

That form is a major part of the process, of course. But maybe, before they spend time filling out that long form, they’ve got some questions about what policy they need. Maybe they’re worried that their policy won’t cover something important.

They want to ask an experienced agent or broker those questions in plain English. (But without calling, because, you know, phone anxiety.) They also don’t want to request a callback or wait two days for an email response. 

Web chat is the perfect solution. They only have to input the pertinent information, like their name, email address, and type of insurance policy. Once they have all the answers they need, they’re more likely to move ahead with applying for a quote.

Give your customers the info they need, instantly

Say your customers have questions about discounts, rates, filing claims, or simply want to compare policies. Setting up a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions gives you more time to spend processing claims and selling policies.

Add buttons to your chat window that link to relevant pages so they don’t have to hunt for that information. Plus, if their inquiry is more complex, they can go ahead and address it then and there.

Helps customers stay local and loyal

why insurance agencies need web chat

One reason why people choose local businesses like your small insurance agency is because of the personalized experience you offer.

The biggest names in insurance might have a lot going for them, sure. They likely have higher advertising budgets. They might have huge teams and offices across the country.

But the evidence is clear: two-thirds of Americans prefer shopping local. One reason why is their hard-earned and well-spent money goes right back into the community.

The more convenience you offer your customers, the more likely they are to stay local and loyal to your business. 

Web chat proves you care about your customers — both existing and prospective — enough to provide customer service around the clock.

(It’s also a great way to “greet” the customers visiting your virtual office.)

Capture more leads and generate more revenue

Yes, web chat is an essential communication tool for existing customers. But it’s also an invaluable part of your lead gen strategy. How do we know? 95% of our own clients use web chat to generate leads.

Web chat puts you a step ahead of your competitors by keeping leads on your site and increasing conversions. (But we already covered that in another post.)

Ready to discover what live chat can do for your agency?

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