Why Doctors Need Web Chat

Why Doctors Need Web Chat


Does your medical website let your patients talk to a doctor through live chat for free? If not, you might've found yourself wondering if such a feature would be useful, or even possible for your own site.

It’s not just possible — it’s a must-have. But maybe you’re a little apprehensive. Maybe you’re wondering how those doctors find the time to chat with patients online between caring for patients in person.

We hope this article will change your mind and show you how easy it is to implement web chat on your medical website. Keep reading to discover why doctors need web chat and how they use it for everything from appointment scheduling to addressing health concerns discreetly.

Why doctors need web chat

talk to a doctor live chat free

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment. It’s increased our life expectancy dramatically and eradicated deadly diseases.

We’ve even got robots performing life-saving surgeries now. Some of the field’s leading researchers are even experimenting with tiny, implantable robotic surgeons that repair malfunctioning heart valves.

Sure, those inventions sound like something out of a sci-fi movie set a hundred years from now. But artificial intelligence also powers your live chat systems.

Can your chatbot perform lifesaving surgery? No. But it can help you determine if your patient needs urgent care. Let’s take a look at how live chat makes your practice more approachable and takes some of the fear out of visiting the doctor.

talk to a doctor live chat free

Allow your patients to talk to a doctor through live chat for free

Going to the doctor isn’t just anxiety-inducing — it’s often expensive, whether you have health insurance or not. As of 2018, nearly half of Americans avoid visiting the doctor when they’re sick due to finances.

But cost isn’t the only factor. Many people are also embarrassed to visit the doctor for an array of reasons. They might think their symptoms aren’t serious enough, or they’re afraid of wasting their doctor’s time.

Live chat breaks down that barrier, allowing your team to answer basic questions, schedule appointments, and address concerns discreetly.

It also provides your patients and prospects a way to get trustworthy advice from a healthcare professional — the preferable alternative to Googling symptoms and self-diagnosing.

Make your receptionist’s job easier

Your receptionist is only one person. They can only answer one call at a time. But they can manage multiple live chat windows quickly and efficiently.

ZyraTalk can connect with your existing CRM databases (if you’d like). And when your receptionist is out on lunch or your practice is closed, automated chat can handle frequently asked questions and schedule appointments. (And you don’t even have to lift a finger.) Most practices see how well the automation works and decide to completely rely on that. Another quick note: our platform ZyraTalk is a fully HIPAA-compliant live chat. Schedule appointments with ease

Forget using a complex appointment scheduling or requiring your patients to sign up for an account. With live chat, you can automate the appointment scheduling process from start to finish.

Capture more leads

Speaking of appointments, one of your main goals is getting more of them. Although you’re providing a vital service to the community, your facility is a business just like most others.

With a full suite of cross-device notifications and an analytics dashboard packed full of features, ZyraTalk ensures you never miss another lead again. Let us hook your practice up with live chat

These are just a few reasons why doctor’s offices need live chat. When a visitor lands on your site, chances are their need for your services is fairly urgent. That simple fact gives you a major advantage.

Don’t squander that advantage by not having live chat. Just a few years ago, chat was a luxury. In 2020 and beyond, it’s a necessity, especially for healthcare.

Live chat makes your practice more approachable for anxious patients or those with a health concern they’re not comfortable discussing over the phone.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that your practice needs live chat ASAP. We know you have your hands full caring for local citizens, and we appreciate everything you do for your community.

So let us take a few tasks off your ever-growing list. ZyraTalk powers up your lead gen strategy and makes your patients’ lives easier. Curious to see us  in action? Sign up for a demo today and we’ll walk you through it. Mention this blog post and we'll even let you use our fully-loaded platform risk-free for 30 days.

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