Why COVID-19 is the Right Time for Your Business to Try Web Chat

Why COVID-19 is the Right Time for Your Business to Try Web Chat


Due to COVID-19, just about every industry that’s able has transitioned to remote work. But you already know that. (Just try scrolling the internet for five minutes without seeing a headline about it.)

The pandemic has forced companies to adapt their business practices in unprecedented ways, especially the way they communicate with customers. With everyone hunkered down at home and most non-essential industries closed, there’s no better time than now to test out web chat for your business. Here’s why.

It’s the perfect socially-distanced customer service solution.

Why COVID-19 is the Right Time for Your Business to Try Web Chat

For the most part, non-essential businesses are still closed. Customers can’t visit to ask questions, make appointments, buy products or services, or raise a concern with customer service.

Web chat lets your customers do all that — and so much more — without leaving the comfort of their homes. (It’s not like they’re allowed to, anyway.)

Phone support is difficult to manage remotely.

why covid-19 is the perfect time for your business to try web chat

Sure, some call centers with the proper infrastructure operate 100% remotely. But for small businesses, setting up shop at home is kind of awkward. It’s not like you can move all your equipment from your office to your home. Plus, you can’t expect yourself or your employees to stand by 24/7, especially when you’re self-isolating with your family.

Customer privacy and time management are other challenges. You wouldn’t want any of your employees' family members accidentally overhearing a call containing sensitive information. Not to mention your employees can only handle one call at a time.

Bottom line is, phone support just doesn’t work well in a pandemic. That’s where automated web chat comes in. Chances are, if your customers have a problem, automation can solve it — discreetly, in real time. Set up your chatbot to handle frequently asked questions and schedule appointments, then bask in all the time you saved responding to messages or talking on the phone.

Web chat is more user-friendly than email and social.

why covid-19 is the perfect time for your business to try web chat

Does the mere thought of the unread messages in your inbox make you anxious? (We get it.)

But your customers probably feel the same stress while compulsively refreshing their inbox, waiting for a reply to a pressing issue or burning question.

Same goes for social media. People don’t send maintenance requests to their repairman or make dentist appointments through Facebook and Insta — they post cute pics of their dogs and share their favorite memes!

There’s a better way to connect with your customer base — through web chat, a medium they’re already comfortable with and use often.

Consider how many Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp messages you receive daily. We’re willing to bet you respond to those much faster than your emails or social media notifications.

Why not apply that same strategy to your business? Case study after case study shows that customers prefer chat apps over just about every other form of communication. (And it’s not just millennials and Gen Z. And it’s not just for personal communication, either.)

ZyraTalk is here to help.

The coronavirus has permanently changed the way businesses interact with customers. (That’s all we’ll say about the “c” word, because we know it’s everywhere right now.)

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about adding live chat to your website for a while now. Maybe you don’t consider yourself “tech-savvy” enough to install and manage a chatbot. Or maybe you’re convinced you don’t have time to process an influx of messages.

Now is the time to overcome those doubts. Now is the time to experiment with a socially distanced communication solution. ZyraTalk is that solution. We’re doing our part to assist our communities. During this time for the low, low cost of free, your business can schedule more appointments, answer more questions, generate more revenue, and capture more leads.

But don’t just take our word for it — test it out for yourself by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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