Which Converts Better: Lead Capture Forms or Webchat?

Which Converts Better: Lead Capture Forms or Webchat?


If you're familiar with what we do here at ZyraTalk, you probably already know our answer to this question.

Google "lead capture form templates that convert" and you'll find all sorts of examples that promise 10x more conversions.

There's just one problem. These templates assume user intent.

Plus, research shows that nearly 75% of people hate pop-ups. And over 80% of people will close a page because of them.

Why webchat converts better than forms and pop-ups

The numbers don't lie: webchat converts better than forms and pop-ups. Here's why.

It's not intrusive.

Pop-up ads with lead capture forms are the very definition of a hard sell. You're literally blocking access to content that you undoubtedly spent a lot of time creating.

If a new visitor is on your site to read your blog or browse your products, they're probably not going to sign up for your email newsletter or buy your ebook right away.

Why would they hand over their personal information to you when you haven't given them enough time to learn about your brand?

do lead capture forms or webchat convert better

Live chat is much less intrusive. It's off to the side, in the white space, so it doesn't interrupt their browsing experience. It also speaks directly to them and asks if there's anything they need help with. While pop-up ads are yet another barrier, live chat is a greeter and customer service agent all in one.

It's your customer's preferred platform.

When it comes to customer service, webchat is the preferred mode of communication for nearly 80% of consumers.

Think about how much time you spend on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and similar messaging platforms. Your customers have similar habits. Live chat allows you to meet them where they are, on their terms.

It provides instant gratification.

Let's say you've just sent your Facebook friend a message. That little green dot indicates they're "Active Now".

Fifteen minutes pass. Then an hour. Then two hours. They haven't read your message yet, but they're still "Active Now". Or maybe they did read your message but didn't reply.

The anxiety starts to kick in. Are they ignoring you? Did you do something to upset them?

It may seem a little silly, but this is a fairly common fear. No one likes being left on read. And it's so easy to forget that people are busy.

Messaging apps provide an avenue of instant communication between friends and family members. And customers have come to expect that same instant gratification from businesses.

Live chat fills that need. And chatbots respond instantly, without human intervention, so you won't have to worry about leaving any customers on hold. If your office is closed, a bot can reassure users that someone will be with them as soon as possible.

No wonder why over 60% of webchat users are more likely to return to your site and buy your product after using live chat!

Why webchat converts better than lead capture forms and pop-ups: wrapping up

do lead capture forms or webchat convert better

Do you need to ditch lead capture forms and pop-up ads entirely? Not necessarily. After all, you know which marketing strategies work best for your business.

At the same time, it's important to keep in mind that customer preferences are changing. You and your customers see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. That's just one reason why customers are finding ads increasingly annoying.

Some platforms have gotten really creative with their ads. Have you ever seen a pop-up that guilt trips you for opting out? We're willing to bet you have. This phenomenon is so common there's a name for it: guilt-trip marketing.

Don't manipulate people into signing up or buying your product. It's offensive. And besides, you'd never dream of saying something like, "Well, I guess you'd rather pay full price," to a customer in person.

Instead of forcing people to opt out, webchat allows users to opt in. It's a more consensual form of marketing and lead capture. It gives customers more control.

If you're not using webchat for business, there's no time like the present. ZyraTalk's AI-powered chat solution integrates with all your systems and converts 3x better on average compared to lead capture forms.

For a behind-the-scenes tour of our feature set, book your demo today. Mention this post and we'll even throw in a free 30-day trial run.

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