When the Business Day Ends, Automated Chat Goes to Work

When the Business Day Ends, Automated Chat Goes to Work


Switching off for the day can be difficult for small businesses. Business owners and their team members already frequently work “off the clock”. In fact, small business owners report working somewhere between 1-2 hours even after going home for the day. For many small businesses, there are already plenty of tasks to handle after the business day is over, so why add customer engagement to that lengthy list? Zyratalk uses Artificial Intelligence to chat and engage with your customers even after you’ve closed shop for the day. ZyraTalk’s automated chat can help put you at ease by answering questions, making appointments, and giving quotes to your customers when you can’t.

No more customers waiting for answers, no more missed leads, and no more worry. And of course, one happy customer!

Your Customers Need Help After Hours

Customers don’t stop browsing just because the business day is over. The “Internet Rush Hour”, the busiest time period on the web, is typically between 7pm and 11pm. This time when the majority of internet users are browsing doesn’t line up well with typical business hours. You could try to maintain quality chat support agents up to a few hours after business hours end, but your customers could be in different time zones and you still miss out on the night owls.

Why deal with an expensive, logistical mess and still miss a portion of your customers when you could use automated, intelligent chat to engage with your customers 24/7? We all know that it’s important to engage with your customers when you have their attention and immediate, relevant information is powerful for customers looking to solve their problems quickly. With ZyraTalk’s automated chat, your customers get the help they need immediately while they’re already engaged instead of forcing them to contact you later. Let your customers and your team take advantage of the benefits of modern technology by scheduling a free demo of ZyraTalk’s automated live chat at zyratalk.com.

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