Tips for Optimizing Lead Capture Through Chatbots

Tips for Optimizing Lead Capture Through Chatbots


Generating high-quality leads isn’t an exact science, but some methods work better than others. And one of those methods is the chatbot.

Forget pushy advertising and hard selling. Your ideal customer is bombarded with ads on every website and social network. It’s time to implement a lead generation strategy that engages your site visitors with valuable rewards and top-notch customer service.

Keep reading to discover a few ways to generate more leads through chatbots.

Know your audience

optimize lead capture strategies chatbot

Without a clear picture of who’s on the other side of the chat window, you can’t optimize your interactions.

Refer back to your ideal customer profile and user persona. Niche down even further if you have to. Then ask yourself these questions:

❓ What about your business makes it the preferred choice for your customers?

❓ What influencers do your ideal customers look up to?

❓ What insights can you employees provide about your existing customers?

Play to your strengths. Examine your weaknesses. Then harness that information to create a chat experience that’s personalized for your ideal customer.

Anticipate their needs

optimize lead capture strategy chatbot

What are the top three reasons your site visitors would strike up a conversation with your chatbot? Jot them down and tailor those automated interactions accordingly.

Here are a few examples from our own clients:

 To schedule an appointment or consultation

 To find information on current deals or financing options

 To access popular products and services

Take Sundown Legal Marketing, for example. Their chat window ( by ZyraTalk) includes a button to get a free website consultation. 

SLM anticipated that need and made it easy for site visitors to access, which proves they value their customers’ time.

Utilize clever copywriting

optimize lead capture strategies chatbot

Now that you’ve got a clear picture of your ideal customer and their needs, it’s time to start customizing your chatbot.

Your chatbot is a diverse tool that combines advertising, lead capture, and customer service all in one. Make those conversations memorable with clever copywriting.

The copy of your automated chat conversations should complement your landing page copy. How can you do that? Check out these 3 tips.

✅ Write as you speak to craft catchy conversation prompts.

✅ Avoid jargon — keep it simple and scannable.

✅ Minimize open-ended questions where possible.

At the very least, your chatbot copy should greet the customer and ask how they can help them today.

And don’t forget to ask for customer feedback. Review and update your chat scripts as needed to keep conversations fresh and promote new products and services.

Analyze the data

optimizing lead capture strategy chatbot

While not every conversation will result in lead capture then and there, you still have a powerful weapon for circling back and landing those leads: your ZyraTalk dashboard.

Here are a few tips you can use to ensure you never miss another lead:

❗ Review the chat log, paying special attention to incomplete conversations.

❗ Assess your chats side-by-side with analytics, goal, and UTM tracking.

❗ Count your button clicks to discover what customers want to see.

Power up your marketing prowess

With ZyraTalk, you’re already one step ahead of the curve. We pride ourselves on providing an 85% chat completion rate on average.

We’re not just a web chat widget for your website. We combine your sales channels — including Facebook and text messages — in one place. 

Our powerful automation features save you time and keep your customers happy with instant answers to their pressing questions.

Don’t believe us? Ask any of our satisfied clients, who have enjoyed six-figure revenue increases since installing ZyraTalk.

Or take us for a spin yourself. Our chatbot greeted you when you landed on our site, after all! Strike up a conversation and see what we can do for your business.

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