This $40M/yr Plumbing and Electrical Company Reveals the Secret to Generating Repeat Business


Family-owned and operated since 1955, George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical boasts the best-rated plumbing and electrical services in Phoenix, AZ. More than 2,000 5-star reviews from satisfied customers and several awards from the BBB prove George Brazil's commitment to outstanding customer service.

Local plumbing and electrical companies looking to grow could take a page or two out of George Brazil's playbook. Often, home service companies spend thousands of dollars chasing leads that have likely never heard of them. But for George Brazil, building a brand and staying top-of-mind starts with existing customers. George Brazil generates 70% of its revenue from returning customers.

We spoke with Shawne Cook, George Brazil's Director of Marketing, to discover how the company retains customers and generates repeat business. You'll want to save this post or take notes on these insider secrets!

Stay consistent but innovative

Consistency is the hallmark of the George Brazil brand. Shawne says the George Brazil theme song and character have remained and will remain the same.

“The song is catchy. People sing it to me all the time when in public with a company shirt on," said Shawne. "And the man, he has remained the same over the years with VERY slight adjustments to enhance his appearance to match digital advancements.”
Image credit: George Brazil

Although home service brands should keep the most recognizable parts of their brand the same, they also shouldn't be afraid to innovate, says Shawne.

Keep in contact with your current customer base

The best home service companies connect with their customers regularly after the initial service is completed.

Sending tips and special offers is a given, and certainly something George Brazil does. But the plumbing and electrical company also “does the unexpected,” says Shawne.

"Call customers to check in with them and see how their systems are operating. You would be surprised to know how often you book someone that has been meaning to call you.”

Sending holiday cards is another clever way to keep in touch. “Not just Christmas,” says Shawne. "One year, we co-branded a mailer with a chocolate factory and offered a coupon for money off a Valentine's gift with a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to our customers.

This is especially clever because it gives customers something valuable and asks for nothing in return. It's an excellent way to show your customers you genuinely appreciate them.

How to outpace your competition as a local home service business

Shawne has 3 final tips for home service companies looking to grow:

  • Stay at least 18 months ahead of the competition
  • Partner with companies that have the same or similar core values
  • Be quick to fail at something new to decrease your risk of losing too much

In their customers' own words, here are a few ways George Brazil outshines the competition:

"[George Brazil's technicians] were efficient and friendly. They even made friends with my dogs which lessened the stress of the inspection. Their courteous treatment was what I expected from George Brazil. They also offered an attractive financing offer that relieved even more stress.” — De H.

“I really liked that the technician profile was shared in advance and I could track his arrival.” — Robert E.

“Within the hour [the technician] had our problem resolved. He was extremely professional, helpful and considerate as my 10-year-old stepson slept through the entire thing in the room next door.” — Pamela C.

The extra care George Brazil technicians put into their work separates them from other companies that simply get the job done. Making friends with customers' dogs and sending thoughtful Valentines are just two ways home service companies can go the extra mile to establish a trustworthy brand that customers choose again and again.