How Chatbots Change the Way We Shop

How Chatbots Change the Way We Shop


Online shopping is undeniably convenient, yet there are some aspects of traditional brick and mortar stores that consumers miss out on — one being the friendly personal assistance available from store associates. Shopping online means consumers are essentially on their own. They don’t have the opportunity to ask questions or get help from a knowledgeable associate. Fortunately, chatbots have become intelligent enough to recreate the experience of a helping hand from a friendly and knowledgeable store associate. ZyraTalk’s automated live chat can answer questions, discuss pricing, give directions to a place of business, and so much more. Zyra’s chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn the ins and outs of a business so that it’s just as prepared to answer questions as a human customer service representative. In fact, Zyra’s AI is so advanced that most customers don’t realize that they’re interacting with a bot. At some point, almost everyone has been shopping online and has had to scour the website for the single sentence that answers their question. Chatbots like Zyra reduce the effort it takes for consumers to get the information they’re looking for which can result in consumers taking more buying actions (e.g. requesting a quote).

Chatbots can offer interactive communication where they also ask questions to understand the problem that the user is facing.

Chatbots Learn How to Help You

Not only can chatbots quickly deliver information that a consumer directly requests, they can also initiate interactions. Chatbots can monitor user behavior trends and engage with a consumer based on previous actions or the content they’ve viewed. Let’s say four out of five website visitors asked the same (or a similar) question about the pair of shoes that you’re currently viewing. It’s likely that you will also need that information, so the chatbot can volunteer that information to you without you even having to ask. These interactions can be dynamic, where the chatbot learns how to better serve shoppers as time goes on.

Chatbots Encourage Leaving Reviews

Consumers interacting with a chatbot can leave reviews with very little effort — generally only a few button clicks. Reviews have become increasingly necessary for many shoppers. According to consumer research, 72% of consumers won’t make a buying action (e.g. adding an item to cart) without first reading reviews or testimonials. An easier review process means higher review participation, and therefore more testimonial-based evidence for consumers to use when making a purchase decision.


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