Hey SMB, It's Time to Let AI Join your Sales Team

Hey SMB, It's Time to Let AI Join your Sales Team


The truth is, people have no idea what it’s like to run a small business until they actually do. When I was a kid, my mother owned a 3-desk travel agency in our hometown. Her office was the absolute definition of a small business. She was on a first name basis with all of her customers and all of her customers knew our family too. At ZyraTalk, we know what small businesses are going through every day: finding ways to grow, working less so that you can spend more time with your family, all the while trying to grow like every business in the world wants to. It’s time to let AI join your small business.

We get it — a computer will never replace you. But don’t worry — no one can do as good a job for your town or city like you do. What’s important though is that AI knows how to talk to your customers. Automated chat from ZyraTalk can answer questions, schedule appointments, and even discuss pricing as you’d wish. Our AI is so advanced that most customers don’t even know that they’re talking to a bot in the first place. The bottom line is that you don’t have time to answer every customer’s question even though you want to. Thousands of small businesses across the world use ZyraTalk, and they’re getting 40% more online leads because of it. Here’s why AI is going to help your business, your customers, and your city.

“In the last 4 months of using Zyra, George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical has received 142 jobs and generated $118,513 in revenue for their business. They have also received 179 additional reviews directly through ZyraTalk.”

ZyraTalk is smart - like really, really smart

You know what it’s like to hire a new employee. You look for people who are dedicated, want to do good work, and can think for themselves. ZyraTalk’s artificial intelligence is everything you look for in an employee. ZyraTalk knows your services, your store hours, how to give directions to your shop, and what your prices are. Customers can even schedule an appointment with you all through our automated chat that gets put on your website. Think for a moment how many times a day you answer questions like, “Are you guys open on Saturday?,” or “Do you have an appointment available for Tuesday morning?” ZyraTalk’s AI can answer all of these questions without making your customers wait for a response. ZyraTalk is smart. Let automated chat from ZyraTalk work for your business.

ZyraTalk starts the conversation for you

How many of the people that go to your website actually turn into customers? When small businesses just like yours start using Zyra on their website, they typically see more than a 10x return on investment.

For the price of an ad in your local newspaper (that no one looks at), ZyraTalk will engage your website users 24 hours a day and will strike up a conversation with them to turn more visitors into lifelong customers. We’ve designed ZyraTalk to address your customers by name and to ask for important contact information so that you can follow up with a quote or appointment confirmation. ZyraTalk works hard so that you can go back to doing the work you love to do.

ZyraTalk solves problems for businesses like yours

Automated chat solutions typically aren’t designed for the specific needs of small businesses. With ZyraTalk, you can seamlessly take over a chat with a user to help with those hard-to-answer questions that only you know the answer to. Whether you’re a travel agency, plumber, electrician, dentist, lawyer, or hometown-hero of any kind, ZyraTalk knows what your business needs. We’ve helped small businesses across the world save time and boost sales with automated chat designed for small businesses.

“Chas Roberts, a home service company in Arizona has had 505 completed chats and 247 phone calls in the past 3½ months using ZyraTalk.”

ZyraTalk knows that small businesses are hard-working innovators who deserve to have the most modern technologies at their disposal. Save time, grow your sales, and turn more of your website visitors into lifelong customers with a smart, automated chat solution from ZyraTalk. Ready to put AI to work for your small business? Create an account to get started.

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