Chatbots: 5 Things You Must Get Right

Chatbots: 5 Things You Must Get Right


Artificial intelligence is perpetually evolving to sound less robotic. Machine learning has come a long way since its invention way back in the 1950s.

Chatbots for business make it easier than ever to communicate with customers. Not every chatbot is built equally though… There are certain things that you must get right to make your bot sound humanlike, line up with the website, and go through a conversation flow with a clear objective.

Customize the interface

Ensure your chat interface is aesthetically pleasing and matches your brand palette. Add buttons so your customers can easily select the concern that applies to them. Along with this, make sure that you have your company logo on the chat box so the customer feels like they are chatting directly with you.

Chatbot for business tip: Use emojis, but don’t go overboard. The odd emoji here and there will add a human element to the conversation, which leads to our next chatbot tip.

Make your bot sound human

There’s a reason why chatbots like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are so popular — they speak the user language. Just ask Siri a knock-knock joke and see what happens.

Your chatbot doesn’t need to be quite as complex as those immensely popular AI assistants. Everyone is competing with the Amazons of the world. Make sure that you are up to their standard so your customers feel like they are getting that amazing customer experience.

Chatbot for business tip: Give your bot a name that’s memorable, clever, and humanlike.

Establish a clear direction for your conversations

This can be challenging. Do you want your automated conversations to capture leads, answer customer service questions, schedule appointments, or all of the above? Here at ZyraTalk, we analyze intents for hundreds of different things (those three included), to give customers the best conversation possible. It’s good to understand what happens during a conversation flow. Understand the path that someone takes when they are being captured as a lead or scheduling an appointment. From there, you can make any customizations if needed.

Optimize for the employee experience as well as the customer experience

Keeping your customers happy is so important. But what about your employees? They are the ones who deal with the intake of all these conversations. At ZyraTalk, we make sure the employee experience is a positive one. We have capabilities for email notifications, text notifications, and desktop notifications for every conversation that comes through. We hear the feedback from thousands of clients and are always improving the employee experience. We like to think that we’re doing a pretty good job. ;)

Analyze the data

Don’t just set your chatbot and forget it. You should be checking the data and the conversations that are coming through on a regular basis. Expect about 90% of chats to be completed through automation. If that number is significantly lower, something needs to happen to improve.

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