Bounce Less. Sell More. Here's how Online Chat Helps

Bounce Less. Sell More. Here's how Online Chat Helps


Getting new customers is like romance — you’ve got to make a good first impression for things to go anywhere. In the digital marketing world, a bounce is a missed opportunity at something beautiful. The key to keeping customers from bouncing is to keep them interested. It’s just like a first date: asking questions is the best way to get to know your customers. With a conversational interface on your website, you can make every hit on your website the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Modern consumers don’t want to look for information, they want to ask a question and get an immediate response.

You’ve got problems with your game

Let’s consider the journey of your customer, Jill. It’s a hot summer day and Jill’s A/C just went out. Jill searches “A/C repair near me” and ends up on your website after clicking on your paid search ad. If Jill has to look through the pages on your website to find out your prices and then call for an appointment, do you think that Jill is actually going to buy from you? Modern consumers don’t want to look for information, they want to ask a question and get an immediate response.

Let’s go ahead and assume that your competitors are one step ahead of you. If your business isn’t engaging your customers immediately, you’re increasing the chances of them leaving with every second. Traditional websites have to work hard for every lead. You have to handcraft your content and write compelling CTAs just to get a single lead. Until now…

Sell more with Automated Chat

When someone walks into your shop, they get greeted immediately by one of your employees, right? They can ask any questions they want to and get immediate, knowledgeable answers from your team. When someone goes to your website, why shouldn’t they have the same level of experience? With an automated chat system, you can turn more website visitors into leads by letting AI start the conversation for you.

Automated chat increases customer engagement by as much as 42%. For small businesses, that can mean the difference between being open for business and closed for the season. Let’s go back to Jill. When Jill gets to your website, a chatbot greets her with the same level of care that your team would do in-store. Jill can type in something like “I want to schedule an A/C repair.” The chatbot can then offer Jill some assistance on when the company has availability. The chatbot will collect Jill’s contact information for your team to follow up. All of this happened without Jill having to search through your website and she didn’t have to make the decision on whether or not she was going to contact you or not because the conversation had already been started with her.

Automated chat eliminates the opportunities for your visitors to leave without becoming a lead. ZyraTalk can engage your website visitors conversationally, meaning benefits for your team like:

  • More leads from the same amount of traffic you’re already getting

  • A better booking experience for your customers

  • 24/7 responses for when your customers are ready to buy, not for just when your business is open. 

When it comes to closing the deal, grabbing your customer’s attention from the start is vital to closing deals online. When your SMB uses automated chat on your website, you’ll start seeing the difference a good first impression can make for your business. Ready to start capturing more leads on your website? Don’t let your customers bounce. Let’s get them converting into more bookings. Create a ZyraTalk account to get started.

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