A Quick Guide to Omnichannel Marketing

A Quick Guide to Omnichannel Marketing


What is omnichannel marketing? Chances are you’ve heard this phrase thrown around in the last couple of years.

Omnichannel marketing is a step above multi-channel marketing. Whereas multi-channel marketing focuses on the messaging and channels themselves, omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer experience across all touchpoints.

Omnichannel marketing keeps tabs on your customers’ behaviors and preferences across all your channels, including your physical locations. Multi-channel marketing takes a slightly narrower view, focusing on the channels themselves rather than the customer experience.

Omnichannel marketing is all about integration. Your email marketing strategies should integrate with social media. Your live chat data should integrate with your website analytics. All those integrations come together to provide you with a treasure trove of customer data.

Integrating your channels this way also makes it easy to analyze all or most of your data in one place. From there, you can implement omnichannel strategies, like cart abandonment reminders, Facebook retarget ads, browser notifications, and targeted emails.

Now that you know the difference between omnichannel and multi-channel, let’s take a look at why your business needs an omnichannel marketing strategy. (Plus a few reasons why multi-channel is still effective for certain channels.)

3 reasons why your business needs an omnichannel marketing strategy

omnichannel marketing

Maximizes brand visibility and engagement

Your customers spend over 3 hours on their phones each day. And that’s just the average. It also doesn’t include other devices like tablets and laptops.

Omnichannel marketing increases your visibility on the channels and devices your customers already love and spend so much time using. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their favorite websites. 

Automating that process means you don’t have to lift a finger to get their attention.

Places the customer at the center of the strategy

As we already covered, multi-channel is focused on the information. Omnichannel marketing pivots the viewpoint from the backend to the frontend. 

Instead of honing in on your messaging for each individual channel (which is still important), you get the perspective of the customer.

Omnichannel lets you assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies from the customers’ viewpoint and across all touchpoints. Multi-channel is the details; omnichannel is the big picture.

Allows you to build better, more accurate ideal customer profiles

Omnichannel marketing literally gives you ideal customer profiles through analytics. If a certain demographic with similar behaviors makes up a good chunk of your website traffic, use that data to your advantage. Even if it doesn’t quite fit with your current ICPs.

From there, you can craft targeted ads, social media posts, and website copy that appeals to that demographic.

Do I still need multi-channel marketing?

omnichannel marketing

There will be times and places when multi-channel tactics work better, namely social media. But this approach applies mostly to the different social media channels themselves rather than your marketing approach as a whole.

You wouldn’t want to use the same copy for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads. These platforms work differently, so you have to craft your messages according to their best practices.

Omnichannel marketing works hand-in-hand with those bespoke campaigns to track analytics and customer behaviors across all of those channels. So even if your messaging is customized for each channel, your omnichannel marketing strategy brings them all together so you can analyze and adapt as needed.

ZyraTalk: the omnichannel conversational marketing solution

ZyraTalk is an omnichannel conversational marketing platform. Our solution works on the frontend and the backend. Automation saves you tons of time while optimizing results.

That’s not including powerful integrations with your CRM software, Facebook Messenger, and Zapier. Our software seamlessly integrates with all your channels, even your analytics apps.

Our clients enjoy more leads, more conversions, more customers, more reviews, and more sales. Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Check out this glowing testimonial from one of our clients, George Brazil:

“We transitioned to ZyraTalk and our online conversions increased automatically. We were able to collect the pertinent information to contact the customer immediately: name, phone number, email address, that’s it. We saw the conversions of those almost triple immediately.”

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