4 Ways to Improve Your Conversion in 2020


So, you got people to your website and they’ve seen your offer. How do you get them to go that extra mile? How do you get them to convert?

The proverbial game of cat and mouse between the marketers and customers is a never-ending one and is always changing. Each year brings new tools, new strategies, but also new problems to online services and sellers. The pandemic (obligatory mention in 2020) certainly has an impact on what works this year and needs to be taken into account on almost every level.

We reached out to digital marketing experts at One Click Marketing to share their observations of what works this year.

Content is still king

If you want to get anywhere in digital marketing, you need to be aware of this simple truth – content is pretty much the most important thing. In order to feed Google enough data to get you to the top, you will need to keep producing content.

However, content has changed since the early days of registries, blogs, and forums. Today’s content needs to be so much more diverse and, thanks to Google’s use of AI, much more relevant to your business.

A multi-faceted approach to content is what is required to reach the top – blogs can still be a valuable resource, but video content, Instagram® stories, and social media presence are taking over. The way people consume content is changing, and your strategies need to as well. Sometimes short format will get you more traction.

improve conversion in 2020 digital marketing

Invest in a degree of automation

This has been true for a while now, but is particularly poignant this year when people are staying at home more and are becoming more and more dependent on online shopping (for both goods and services). If a person reaches out to your business and needs to wait for hours or longer to get any kind of feedback, they are likely to go somewhere else. Yes, we’re spoiled; but we’re also spoiled for choice.

One of the best automated tools you can have is an AI chat text, and phone solution that can help your clients if you’re not available at the moment or just let them know that you will contact them as soon as you return.

The implementation of automated chat and text tools really depends on you – you can make it as complex or as simple as you want and you can rest assured that you will not miss another call or customer.

Keep an ear to the ground

If you’d told me a year ago that we would all be spending the majority of 2020 locked in our homes and working online, I’d probably not believe you… and invest in Zoom just a bit, to cover all my bases.

Joking aside, trends and effective strategies can change very rapidly in today’s world. Or have you all forgotten about the core update that Google hit us with in May? This update had many in the SEO community scrambling to understand it and adapt to it because they knew this simple truth – the first one out the gate has the best chance to gain the most conversions while others play catch-up.

Like Jordan, the lead SEO expert from One Click Marketing likes to say, read as many publications as you can, but never take them at face value. Rather, read between the lines and find the common thread all publications have – that is most likely at the core of the issue.

You will need to be ready to implement changes at the drop of a hat if you’re looking to achieve great results and keep them. Which handily leads me to the last point.

Have a diverse team

improve conversion in 2020 digital marketing team

There’s really no way around this – you’re only as good as your team is. You can have all the theoretical knowledge in the world, but if there’s nobody skilled to implement them, you will get nowhere. Investing in your team is always a good investment in the future of the company.

With a team that includes web designers, web developers, content writers, and SEO experts, you can implement any change in a short time and you can do it from start to finish.

Conversions are the end goal for any company, but in order to get there, you still need to play the game. Consider these steps your personal cheat sheet.