3 Customer Experience Benefits from Automated Chat

3 Customer Experience Benefits from Automated Chat


Businesses all over the world are trying to figure out how to give their customers what they want. Customers really just want to be heard, have their questions answered, and feel like they’re making a good buying decision. The big boys like Amazon and Google have figured out how people can shop anytime they want and get any product they want. What about local businesses? You know -- the mom and pop shops, the corner store, the main street diner, and Uncle Jerry’s place. How can local businesses compete with companies that are literally using drones to fly people their impulse buys in under 30 minutes?

Web chat helps SMBs start the conversation with their customers. When you automate your live chat, you can be available to your customers 24/7/365 without lifting a finger.

Anyone who’s ever been to a deli knows that people hate waiting. Whether they’re waiting for a pastrami on rye or an appointment with their local body shop, people want immediate response and attention. Don’t worry, we get it. Maybe you’re a ten person team and you’re busy fixing somebody else’s bumper. With automated chat, though, your existing website can become your sales rep that never sleeps. When customers come to your website, they can message your business through a live, automated chat. If one of your team members is available, they can answer it and chat directly with your customers. But if you’re busy keeping the paint from dripping on Mr. Rubio’s quarter-panel, you can let artificial intelligence from ZyraTalk help your customers for you. With automated chat, customer questions will never go unanswered. No matter how busy your team is, automated chat can book appointments, answer questions, give quotes and pricing, and even make your customers laugh without you ever having to be involved. The cool part is that our AI can help thousands of customers at one time so that your team never misses a beat. 

But we’re talking about the benefits for your customers here, so let’s get back to the big reasons why your small business needs automated chat. When your customers visit your website, they can conduct business with you even if your team is unavailable. That means that if their work schedule keeps them from being able to book every appointment and handle every errand they need to handle during the week, your customers can still schedule an appointment with your team, day or night. This is convenient for your customers. And making things convenient for your customers is a win for your business already.

The second big win for your customers is that automated chat knows how to accurately answer your customers' questions. This means that your customers will always get accurate answers to their questions anytime of day. If they can get an answer from your business about their fender bender first, then they won’t go looking to your competition for the same information. 

When your small business uses automated live chat on your website, your customers can leave a review with a few clicks of the button. Modern consumers rely more on reviews to make buying decisions than they ever have before. According to consumer research, 72% of consumers won’t make a buying action (like requesting a quote or adding an item to cart) without reading some type of testimonial or review first. With automated chat, your business can have higher review participation, meaning more community-sourced testimonials will be available for your customers to make quick and informed buying decisions.

With automated chat, your small business can compete with the industry giants because you’ll have the most modern technologies available to your team and the most modern experience available to your customers. With automated chat, your small business can harness artificial intelligence through an easy-to-use interface that starts working immediately for your business with no coding required. Start using automated live chat on your SMB website with a ZyraTalk account.


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