15 Best Artificial Intelligence Twitter Accounts to Follow

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Twitter Accounts to Follow


15 best artificial intelligence Twitter accounts to follow

Looking at add some artificial intelligence news to your Twitter feed? We've hand-picked some of our favorite accounts tweeting about all things AI and machine learning. Keep reading to find everything from the world's leading research institutes to individuals influencing progress and meaningful change.

1. Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research (@Emerj)

best artificial intelligence twitter accounts to follow

Emerj is a quintessential resource for anyone looking to learn more about the latest developments in artificial intelligence. A world leader in AI research, Emerj investigates possibilities and use cases of AI in healthcare, government, and more. Check out their Twitter account for a curated collection of their latest and best keynote speeches, conferences, and research papers.

2. Nordic AI Artificial Intelligence Institute (@nordicinst)

Based in Stockholm, the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Insititute is a non-profit organization comprised of industry experts. NAII works to educate governments and businesses on all things related to AI, from applications to ethics. The NAII Twitter account shares AI news from around the web, providing a diverse feed of relevant developments.

3. Stanford HAI (@StanfordHAI)

The vision of the Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) department at Stanford University is to create a world where AI and humanity can coexist in harmony. HAI conducts groundbreaking research on AI's impact on humanity and society. In addition to sharing their own research, HAI's Twitter account also shares information on AI events, courses, and more.

4. Machine Intelligence Research Institute at Berkeley (@MIRIBerkeley)

Much like Stanford's HAI, Berkeley's MIRI is also dedicated to building a future in which AI benefits humanity. Some of the topics shared on the MIRI feed are a bit more advanced, but worth a read for anyone keen to gain a deeper understanding of AI and ethics.

5. Partnership on AI (@PartnershipAI)

In addition to AI best practices, Partnership on AI explores the economic and societal implications of AI. Follow their Twitter account to learn more about their initiative to develop "responsible" AI that's diverse, inclusive, and designed to address society's biggest challenges.

6. AI Now Institute (@AINowInstitute)

As well as ethics and bias, New York University's AI Now Institute explores AI's role in labor, automation, and infrastructure. Check out their Twitter account to see interviews from the institute's researchers and experts.

7. OpenAI (@OpenAI)

Based in San Francisco, Open AI is a leader in artificial intelligence research. Notable projects include Jukebox, an AI-powered music generator, and a dextrous robotic hand trained to solve the Rubik's Cube. Follow the OpenAI Twitter account to stay updated on their progress and job opportunities.

8. UN Global Pulse (@UNGlobalPulse)

best artificial twitter accounts to follow

Since 2010, UN Global Pulse has worked to discover new applications of AI and implement global policies that ensure data protection and the development of ethical AI at scale. Their Twitter account shares the initiative's latest developments as well as relevant events and AI resources from around the internet.

9. The Alan Turing Institute (@turinginst)

The Alan Turing Institute, or Turing for short, is named for one of the founding fathers of AI. Turing has led vital research on AI's role in social work, disease detection, and education. Its directors regularly contribute to critical developments, including the National Health Service's COVID-19 test and trace app. Follow Turing on Twitter to stay updated on new white papers, interviews, and projects.

10. David Schatsky (@dschatsky)

Deloitte's Managing Direct David Schatsky tweets trends on tech in business with a side of personal views. Schatsky's articles published on Deloitte Insights are well worth a read for anyone interested in AI in business.

11. The Machine Learning Times (@ML_Times)

The Machine Learning Times is a comprehensive resource for industry news. It's operated by Predictive Analytics World, which hosts conferences on data science in government, healthcare, finance, and more. Follow the MLT Twitter account for easy access to each new publication.

12. Mike Tamir, PhD (@MikeTamir)

Mike Tamir is the Head of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Susquehanna International Group. He also teaches Data Science at Berkeley, covering everything from introductions to natural language processing to machine learning at scale. Check out Dr. Tamir's Twitter account for relevant news on all things data science.

13. Women in AI Ethics (@Women_AI_Ethics)

Several reports have investigated the lack of women working in artificial intelligence. The Women in AI Ethics Twitter account highlights leading women in the field and shares industry events and news.

14. Renée Cummings (@CummingsRenee)

AI ethicist, criminologist, and criminal psychologist Renée Cummings is one of the leading voices on equity and bias in artificial intelligence. She leads workshops, serves on industry conference panels, and provides valuable insight through podcasts and workshops. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated on her mission to "radically reimagine AI ethics".

15. Centre for AI and Digital Ethics (@CAIDE_UoM)

The Centre for AI and Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne is Australia's leading AI research hub. The center also serves an advisory role to governments and businesses. On their Twitter account, you'll find links to articles on AI ethics in law and media, as well as information about events and courses.

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