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ZyraTalk Partner Program

Ben Bechtel
7 reviews
5 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

ZyraTalk has been a great platform to work with in all aspects. The products helps my clients be more responsive to theie customers and provide a great avenue of contact the support team is tremendous and very responsive to help with any questions or even recommendations. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a chat service for their website or to use for their agency.

Katie Donovan
15 reviews
9 months ago

Great company! We partner with and recommend Zyra Talk to our clients and have not been disapointed! Thank you for the great service!

Jessica Petermann
17 reviews
8 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As an agency owner, I need people to be just as reponsive to my needs as I am to my clients needs because often they are one in the same. These folks go above and beyond every step of the way and I am so glad we chose them as one of our vendors!

Improve Conversions

ZyraTalk convert visitors into leads up to 27% more effectively than forms

Retain Clients Longer

Use UTM and GTM attribution to showcase how you're driving results for your clients

Earn while you sleep

Get monthly recurring revenue when you refer someone and they sign up

How it works

  1. 1 Join the Partner Program and a ZyraTalk team member will reach out to learn about your agency.
  2. 2 Start referring and help your clients get even better results from the traffic you drive - they'll love you for it.
  3. 3 We'll manage everything for you. From installation to support, we know that your clients expect top-notch service and we're here to deliver it. Feel free to read our google reviews and see for yourself.

Terms and Conditions

By referring customers to ZyraTalk, you agree to the following ground rules:

No spam allowed. Participation in this program means no unsolicited commercial emails (spamming).

We live our values every day, and expect partners to do the same. We expect our partners to exercise kindness and treat everyone with respect in all interactions that include ZyraTalk in any way. That means absolutely no use of hate speech or profanity; no use of illegal, mis leading, defamatory, or unethical promotional or sales tactics; and no use of NSFW content like sexually suggestive or explicit content to promote Zyra Talk, including text, photos, videos, or any other media. Don’t promote ZyraTalk on sites directed towards children under age 13, of course. And, finally, don’t even think about supplying ZyraTalk with false or misleading account information. Just don’t do it – it’s not nice.

Warranty and indemnification. Our normal ZyraTalk usage terms and conditions apply to the partner program. By participating in the partner program, you are agreeing to the ZyraTalk terms and conditions. You can read those terms and conditions here:

Bottom line? We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with a partner or a Friend at our sole discretion. (TL;DR – Be kind!)


What partners get.

Our standard payout schedule is as follows –

  1. 10% recurring cash reward for every referred customers to ZyraTalk
  2. $100 bonus for referring 10 customers
  3. Additional bonuses and/or custom payout schedules for select high-volume partners
Vincent Baron
4 reviews
7 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I have worked with the ZyraTalk over the last 12 months, and have had such an amazing experience with their team and their services.

As an I.T./ Technical guy, I really appreciate a technically solid product that is easy to use, easy to support, and most importantly, delivers results.

Their software works phenomenally, and they take the feedback we have and use it develop an ever better service. From feature requests, to customer service, you can count on the ZyraTalk team to gey you squared away and ready to rock.

I proudly recommend ZyraTalk from the perspective of a digital marketer, an I.T. professional that supports the product, and a customer that has used the product and enjoyed the experience and innovation that the service brings.

Disclaimers and FAQs

More legal stuff and answers to some popular questions about programs like this one.

  1. Is ZyraTalk going to change the rules, terms, discounts, or rewards?

    We try not to change our program too often, but it could happen! (And we do reserve the right to do so at any time, for any reason.)
    Sometimes there can be unforeseen abuses or technical issues that arise with a program like this. But we will let partners know via email if we’re making any changes.

  2. How do you handle my privacy?

    The privacy of every partner is covered by our website’s privacy policy, which you can read here:

  3. Who do I, or my Friends, talk to if we have any questions?

    You can talk to our amazing ZyraTalk support team! Just click here and start a conversation or email